My office and me: Richard Stevens, Plymouth Citybus

Richard Stevens, 47, Managing Director of Plymouth Citybus, in his office

Richard Stevens, 47, Managing Director of Plymouth Citybus, in his office - Credit: Archant

It’s the space where many people spend much of a working day, so what makes their office so special to them? Richard Stevens, Managing Director of Plymouth Citybus tells CHRISSY HARRIS about his office and the items around him

Richard Stevens, 47, is the managing director of Plymouth Citybus. He’s worked his way through the ranks since his first job as a bus driver in 1990.

He lives in Crownhill, Plymouth, and is married with two children. Here, he gives Devon Life Business & Professional a tour of his office at Plymouth Citybus HQ in Milehouse:

Investors in People certificate of accreditation – Gold Standard

“We were presented with this last year and it makes me so proud. It’s the national standard of how you manage people as a business and to get the gold standard is a phenomenal achievement.

“I really feel like I work with the best team of people in the world. If I could pick what’s important to me in this office, I’d bring them all in here. It’s them.”


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“I collect anything to do with the Western National Omnibus Company because that’s where I started. You could say it’s all been a slow burn. I was a driver for about 15 years.

“I feel like I’m just a bus driver who got lucky and if I ended up driving a bus again, well, it wouldn’t break my heart.

“I still drive them now in a ‘back to the floor style’ way. I take a lot of ribbing but I love it. I was driving one the other day and a passenger said: ‘You’re not the usual driver – they don’t normally wear cuff links’.”

Framed picture of Richard in front of a vintage bus

“I love this because it’s the oldest single ownership bus still in commercial operation in the country, I believe. We use it for weddings and other events.

“What I love about buses is they’re so people rich: the passengers, the staff, the community. Yes it’s like a train set mentality but buses make such a big difference.”

Fake bomb

“I must be one of the only people you’ll see with a bomb in my office! This was sent to me as a joke but my old colleagues at First Bus group in North Devon when I went to work for Stagecoach (the rivals). It came in the post, in a box packed with prawns!”

Sailing boat

“This was a gift from my colleagues at First. I love the sea – that’s my freedom, my respite. It’s my dream boat. I will never own a J-Class yacht like this but I love looking at this model. Everything about it is restful to me. And it’s a great talking point when people come to the office.”

Old phone

“I inherited this when I took over as MD here in 2012. Legend has it, this used to be the direct line between the general manager and the chief executive of the council – the Batphone! It might ring one day though – then I’ll panic.”

Piece of Plymouth tramline

“This is a little piece of history. I believe you have a duty of care to look after your past. I see myself only as the custodian of Citybus. It does you good to remind yourself where you come from.”

Model of Blue Flash bus

“This is the first time someone let me loose on the design of a bus. I got to look at everything. I like the idea that this is something that’ll still be here when I’m gone.”


“These just remind me to be balanced.”

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