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Lucy Baxter

Lucy Baxter at the mic - Credit: Lucy Baxter

The last 12 months have presented everyone with a lot of spare time on their hands. Some people have binge watched box sets, some have explored the beautiful countryside that Lancashire has to offer, but I have used this time to create a new podcast all about our beautiful county.  

‘From a Lancashire Lass’ launched in December last year and aims to shine a light on everything in Lancashire.  

I am currently studying a Masters in Broadcast Journalism and have been shielding for the best part of the year, so I took the opportunity to do this as I would not normally have time to do so. 

I was born and raised in a small village in Lancashire. Being from a large Lancashire based agricultural family, I am a proud of where I come from and love the beautiful landscapes but also the friendly nature of the people. I am a true Lancashire lass. 

In the podcast, I chat to business owners from the county about why they set up, coping through the pandemic and why their business stands out. 

More people shop locally now and are wanting to know where their products are sourced and how environmentally friendly the businesses are. 

My podcast enables listeners to get to know the people behind Lancashire’s businesses and learn how to support them. 

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The guests featuring on my podcast are from a variety of areas, including creative businesses, photography, food and drink and much more, which gives the listeners a diverse look at what Lancashire has to offer. 

Wedding photographer Rachel Ovenden has appeared on the podcast

Wedding photographer Rachel Ovenden has appeared on the podcast - Credit: Rachel Ovenden

I also featured Rachel Ovenden, a professional wedding photographer. In the episode Rachel shares her frustration that weddings were not able to take place in the pandemic, but also gives listeners some tips on how to take the perfect photo: ‘A big part of taking a great photo is being able to know when a moment is about to happen, before it does,’ she said. 

Another memorable episode I recorded was with Tom Fitzpatrick, Development Manager at Cuckoo Gin, in Brindle. He spoke about the different gins and spirits Cuckoo Gin produce, how their ingredients are mainly sourced from their farm and that family is at the heart of everything they do. 

Cuckoo Gin is one of the Lancashire businesses to feature on Lucy's Lancashire Lass podcast

Cuckoo Gin is one of the Lancashire businesses to feature on Lucy's Lancashire Lass podcast - Credit: Lucy Baxter

We also did a live gin tasting which was great fun as Tom talked me through the best way to drink their gin and what to accompany it with. Tom told me: ‘It’s been amazing to see our local community and Lancashire as a whole support us throughout what has been a tough year for everyone. We have seen our online sales grow dramatically since we’ve not been able to trade in the normal way. It’s been humbling to see people being loyal to us, even when times are tough and we have been able to sustain the business and even grow a little in the process.’ 

 As well as chatting to local business owners, I chat to inspirational people who are the true unsung heroes from Lancashire. Former Corporal Major Darren Daniels shared his stories from serving in the army for 24 years, including his oversea tours, but also serving in the Life Guards of the Household Cavalry escorting the Royal Family on ceremonial duties. He shared one particular story about how he was at the Royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, where he actually proposed to his now wife, Keryl, before the procession commenced.

Darren Daniels

Darren Daniels - Credit: Lucy Baxter

As the podcast is gaining more of a reputation in the county, I interviewed the former MP for South Ribble, Seema Kennedy OBE. This was fascinating as she told listeners the day-to-day tasks she undertook as an MP, and how it was working closely with Theresa May, as well as her friendship with Jo Cox and the importance of tackling loneliness. 

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Since launching the podcast, it has gone from strength to strength and I am now receiving messages via Instagram from local businesses wanting to feature in an episode. Currently, due to the pandemic, all episodes are recorded on Zoom. There have been so many amazingly varied businesses featured, I have learned so much about them and their adaptability and tenacity in what has been a very difficult year, but also how I have learnt so much, not only about the editing and production of a podcast, but also how incredibly important it is to support them. 

 A new episode ‘From a Lancashire Lass’ is released every Friday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other streaming platforms. You can subscribe to keep up to date and also follow on Instagram and Facebook @fromalancashirelass

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