Luke Wright: 7 current favourites

NFK JUN 20 Luke

NFK JUN 20 Luke - Credit: Archant

Poet and theatre-maker Luke Wright was on tour when the world closed. But that hasn’t stopped him...

The Smiths

The Smiths - Credit: Archant

Luke Wright, described as a ‘spit and sawdust wordsmith’, writes inventive and engaging poems from his home on the Norfolk border. The works document 21st century British life with wit, humanity and panache.

When lockdown happened he was on tour. Undeterred, he hatched a plan and now performs a selection of different poems each night from his extensive back catalogue and also previews new material in a live online show via Twitter at 8pm every evening.

He plans to do so until we can return to the theatres, arts centres and venues he would usually perform in.

The daily shows can be seen live here and stay online until 5pm the following day.

Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall - Credit: Archant

What I am doing

I am currently under the tutelage of my best-self. Part archbishop, part health fanatic, he has me taking long walks, reading serious novels, and eating fresh fruit and vegetables. At night I am longing for an end to lockdown and hitting the town with my worst-self.

What I am singing along to

Most Read

I am a terrible singer. When my eldest son was two I could reduce him to tears just by crooning a few verses as I made dinner. I never fail to sing to The Smiths. Imagine!

The New Statesman Podcast

The New Statesman Podcast - Credit: Archant

What I am eating

I’m lucky living where the greengrocers, fishmonger and deli are all doing home deliveries. I am eating like a king and still saving money. Not being able to tour during lockdown is saving me a fortune in meals out and bar bills.

What I am listening to

I am secret politics nerd and I love the weekly New Statesman podcast, it’s about the only form of broadcast media I can stomach at the moment. I listened to the Today Programme the other day and wanted to cry.

What I am reading

I’ve just finished the first two books in Hilary Mantel’s Thomas Cromwell series and am very much looking forward to sinking calmly into the new one. I love Cromwell’s world of competence and warm enlightenment, but something tells me it’s all going to end badly.

What I am watching

I watch very little TV these days, but I do enjoy watching Friday Night Live with my two boys. It’s probably inappropriate for them, but it’s joyous to watch them giggle away. We’ve also been watching a documentary every day (part of my relaxed home schooling regime) and I can heartily recommend Spellbound, about eight kids taking part in America’s National Spelling Bee.

What I am wearing

I always wear black jeans and ox-blood Doc Martens, it’s like a uniform. I switch between t-shirts and shirts depending on how fat I feel that day.

I’ve worn the same belt for 20 years.

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