Me and my motor, James peacop

James Peacop of the Mouldsworth Motor Museum tells us about his favourite car, a 1932 Morris McEvoy Special

James Peacop had to scrape together every pound he had to buy his first car, but today it takes pride of place among the collection of motors at his museum in Mouldsworth.‘I got it from a small add in the local paper when I was 20,’ he said. ‘It was being sold for �25 but I only had �20 and luckily enough the chap agreed. He wasn’t too happy about it though. I would have thought it would be worth about �20,000 now.’James, who has run his museum since 1971, trained as an artist and worked for the Daily Express in Fleet Street before spells with an agency in Liverpool and tutoring at Mid Cheshire College. But alongside his career, the 66-year-old has always had a passion for cars.‘When I went to work in London, I drove the Morris down. It took me a whole day to get there. On my first date with a new girlfriend I borrowed an Alfa Romeo from a friend who worked at a swanky garage in Belgravia. It obviously did the trick because we had a second date. I took her out in the Morris and she had to give it a push to get it started!’That evidently didn’t put her off either, because James and Christine, a speech therapist from Frodsham, have now been married for 41 years.‘On that second date I took her to a pub on Hampstead heath and we had half a pint of bitter each. That was all we could afford. I have so many memories tied up in this car.‘It’s a lovely pretty little car. What Michael McEvoy did for Morris is like what John Cooper did for Mini - he breathed some magic into it and made a classic car. McEvoy took a little Morris and got Jensen to build a sports body for it. It really is very special.‘I gave it to my daughter about ten years ago but I only know of four of these in the world - one in Germany, one in Spain and another that has only been discovered recently which I think is now in France.’The 1932 Morris McEvoy Special is one of around 45 cars and motorbikes James has on show at the Mouldsworth Motor Museum. For opening times and more information visit 

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