Me and My Pet: Slinky

EXG FEB 17 Pet

EXG FEB 17 Pet - Credit: Archant

Aaron Wymark from retail solutions company Opulous Innovation, tells Essex Life about Slinky the delightful daschund he couldn’t be without, even when working in the office

EXG FEB 17 Pet

EXG FEB 17 Pet - Credit: Archant

How did Slinky join your family?

My partner Mandy has always wanted a daschund and I needed a head of security for the office for when I’m out and about, so we thought why not combine the two. We went to Kent to view a litter of puppies and when we arrived and saw her bounding with her siblings, we just fell for her straight away. She was one of four puppies, but as the only black and tan one she really stood out, not only in markings but with her cheeky personality. She was the spitting image of her father who came over to sit on my lap as soon as I sat down, so it was fate really. Once that happened, Slinky just had to come home with us.


What is special about Slinky?

I’ve never seen a dog so well behaved when it is time for bed. We just give the word and she runs to her basket. Mind you, she does have a memory foam bed and underfloor heating, so you can’t blame her. She loves the ladies and our family, who she completely adores.


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What do you enjoy doing with Slinky?

We live just a stone’s throw from Hylands House in Chelmsford, so we love a day out wandering around the house and grounds. It is just such a nice place to while away an afternoon with the family outdoors and having so much space to play fetch with Slinky. She’s such a cuddly girl too and can’t wait for us to curl up on the sofa and watch some TV so she can come and join us.


Are there any funny stories about Slinky?

Slinky guards our office, but when you are in a different part of the building you can hear her patrolling the wooden floor boards diligently. She does like to get on the desk though to get a better vantage point to survey her territory, and plays havoc with the computers by prodding the keyboard. In an attempt to avert disaster we turn up the MACs so the error noise scares her off, at which point she disciplines herself by heading to her basket for a ten minute cooling off period!


About Aaron

Chelmsford-based Aaron Wymark runs Opulous Innovation, which offers full retail solutions for high-end luxury brands supplying a variety of design, maintenance, installation and electrical services. Working for luxury clients means regular trips into Central London and the glamorous surroundings of Bond Street. Away from work, Aaron is a keen snowboarder in the winter and loves to get away for weekends in his vintage splitscreen VW campervan with Slinky when he gets the opportunity.