Meet Brighton-based personal trainer and barefoot runner Joe Addison


- Credit: Archant

Brighton-based personal trainer Joe Addison loves running along the seafront. His style of running, known as barefoot, involves a fore to mid-foot landing (as opposed to a heel-first landing), and is done completely barefoot or in minimal shoes.

“I’ve been running since 2008 and running barefoot since 2010. Whilst I was having knee troubles, I read about barefoot running and decided to try it. Nine months later I ran my first full barefoot marathon! Back then I ran full barefoot, but nowadays I usually wear the incredibly thin Sockwa X8s, which are as close as I’ve come to the barefoot feel with a shoe. Many people don’t understand that barefoot running needs to be treated like a completely different sport to regular shod running. You use your body in a different way and need to start small and build up slowly. As a coach, I help clients make the transition, using various exercises and drills.

Without doubt, my favourite place to run is the seafront, anywhere between Peacehaven and Shoreham. I take part in lots of local races and events, such as the Preston Park Parkrun; I’ve competed in every Brighton Marathon and I’m signed up for 2015 too!”



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