Meet the ghost walker of the Lanes - Rob Marks

Rob Marks

Rob Marks - Credit: Archant

Rob was a teacher of drama and theatre studies before finding his vocation as a curator of Brighton’s ghoulish goings-on.

“Whilst living in York, I was approached to produce a show that became known as the Ghost Cruise, which I came to perform with great success, aboard the Ouse river cruise boats in the guise of an old Victorian ferryman.”

Rob is now preparing for the spookiest time of the year and says: “The Lanes is Brighton’s oldest quarter and by far the most haunted. It is widely believed that spirits often linger to tie up unfinished business. Many of the hauntings in this area reflect the spirits of troubled individuals who often met an unpleasant or untimely death. Perhaps my favourite story is of an amorous apparition who has been known to bestow an ethereal kiss on ladies who pass down a certain little passage.”


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