Meet the head of Bodiam Manor School

Headmaster Graeme Owton is a firm believer in enthusiasm in the classroom.

If you hadn’t become a teacher, what do you think you would have done instead? I would have joined the RAF. I was turned down for being colour-blind!

Was there any type of school dinner that you couldn’t stand when you were at school? Mushy peas and rice pudding (not at the same time!)

What was your favourite lesson? English was my favourite lesson. I was blessed with having brilliant and inspiring teachers for A-level. It is why teaching and learning is my number one priority at Bodiam Manor.

Was there ever one you wish you could have missed?History. I was repelled from this by an appalling teacher and missed out on this fascinating subject. No teachers should have the privilege of teaching unless they can inspire and enthuse those in their classroom.

So, your Desert Island disc… Which record would you want with you if you were marooned on a desert island? Eric Clapton, Unplugged.

If you were invited to go on the television show Room 101, what one thing would you want to see gone from this world? Poverty. Everyone has the right to a basic standard of living. It breaks my heart to see the amount of suffering that exists in our world.Do you have a favourite current artist or song? Robbie Williams – he’s a great performer!

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Is there a television programme that you make sure you never miss? Rugby internationals! I am a fanatic.

If you were to have a meal held in your honour and there was one space still available at the table. Who would you like to fill it, alive or dead?  I have no hesitation in answering this one. I would love to have Nelson Mandela at the table. He is living proof that we can all forgive and that forgiveness is often the only solution if we want to move forwards to a better society.

How do you relax away from work?Spending time with my family; running, playing golf and cricket.

If you were Prime Minister for one day, what’s the first thing you’d do?Buy back all the school playing fields that were sold off in the 1980s. I passionately believe that sport has an essential part to play in the all round development of our children and that they should have the right to participate in sport whether they are being educated in the state or private sector.

What is special about your school?Our society is becoming increasingly atomised and schools have a responsibility to put it back together by producing generations of well-rounded, caring and intelligent citizens. At Bodiam Manor we believe in a truly all-round education. We are a family school which sets high standards in all areas of education, both in and out of the classroom. We produce well-rounded, confident and intelligent pupils who consistently succeed at their senior schools. I am extremely proud to be the headmaster here.

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