Miranda Markham - Rawtenstall’s top fashion model

Miranda walking in last years Milan Fashion Week (c) Ian Williams

Miranda walking in last years Milan Fashion Week (c) Ian Williams - Credit: Ian Williams

Mastering catwalks, attending launch parties and modelling the newest fashion pieces is all in a days work for Miranda Markham.

Miranda modelling 'Blood Sweat and Tears' t-shirt from The Bee Thrive (c) Elspeth Mary Moore

Miranda modelling 'Blood Sweat and Tears' t-shirt from The Bee Thrive (c) Elspeth Mary Moore - Credit: Elspeth Mary Moore

Fresh off the catwalk at London Fashion Week, currently in the middle of a new launch of a sustainable clothing line and planning to start her university career at Manchester Metropolitan University, Miranda Markham seems to take everything in her stride – quite literally.

‘Luckily I’m just a very chilled out and relaxed person,’ laughs the 17-year-old student from Rawtenstall. ‘I just take everything as it comes.’

Last time we caught up with Miranda she had just walked in Milan’s fashion week for designer Chanel Joan Elkayam, a pivotal event on the fashion industry’s social calendar.

Having fallen in love at an early age with the glossy pages of Vogue magazine, Miranda had her heart and mind set on working in the glamorous world of fashion.

Miranda modelling for The Bee Thrive (c) Elspeth Mary Moore

Miranda modelling for The Bee Thrive (c) Elspeth Mary Moore - Credit: Elspeth Mary Moore

However, it wasn’t until her mum Nicola sent off a photograph of her daughter to a modelling agency in Manchester that things started to happen.

And for the girl who wears six inch heels to college, strutting down the runway came naturally.

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Now with her A-levels coming to an end, is her passion for modelling and fashion still burning as brightly as ever?

‘I never thought I’d be doing this. I absolutely love it. Walking in Milan fashion week was huge and to be asked back to walk in London’s fashion week this year was absolutely amazing.’

Miranda walking in London's fashion week (c) Timothy Copsey

Miranda walking in London's fashion week (c) Timothy Copsey - Credit: Timothy Copsey

This was an unexpected but incredible opportunity for Miranda who was staggered to be contacted by the designer to walk in her show. ‘At first I thought it was a joke!’ she says. ‘I couldn’t believe it.’

But it was a serious offer, so off she went to the beautiful city of Milan with her mum and best friend Sophie. Another friend, Callum, joined them at the London Fashion Week.

‘It’s become a thing where Callum and Sophie come to these fashion events with me. I enjoy it a lot more knowing I’ve got friends around me.

‘Plus, Callum is studying to be a fashion designer and I’m happy I can get him involved in the industry. We’ve even made a pact that I’ll be the first to model his designs!’

Once her modelling career began, Miranda adopted the name Billie Jean, but the more involved she becomes in the industry, the more she wanted to remain true to who she is and now models under her own name, Miranda Markham, just as striking and memorable.

‘I want to continue to be myself and if this career continues to go well, that’s how I want to be known.’ Though modelling on a catwalk is a lot of fun, Miranda has huge love for editorial shoots.

‘With those sorts of shoots, I love the story behind them. Every one is completely unique and I get to play different parts. Sometimes I’m being really elegant in an evening gown whilst others I’m playing a really cool person in trainers and a leather jacket. It’s very much like acting which I adore and it gives you the opportunity to be creative.’

Creativity is a big part of Miranda’s personality and it’s one of the reasons she’s going to be studying a foundation art course at university.

‘I’m not creative in a conventional way. I don’t draw or paint but I do have a very creative and imaginative mindset and I want to develop that more in university.’ And she has a very clear career goal in mind.

‘I want to be the person who creates the backdrop and story behind catwalk shows. I want to create a vision, like what lights to use, what music to use to create a certain mood and have others implement my vision.

‘I can definitely see myself, and I think my friends would agree with me, running around with a clipboard in hand telling people how it should look and what to do,’ she laughs.

‘Only a few people in the world have that career and I’m determined I’ll be one of them.’

With such a clear focus as that, it’s clear to see why Miranda’s career is going from strength to strength. She’s currently modelling for the newly launched fashion platform, The Bee Thrive. Based in Manchester, its focus is on organic, ethically sourced and sustainable clothing and footwear with an emphasis on quality and longevity.

Things are continuing to look good for Miranda and with University around the corner; she’s ready to take on the next chapter of her life. ‘I’m excited to live in the city and to just enjoy myself.’

Modelling may not be Miranda’s ideal long term career but she continues to love it and appreciates every new opportunity.

With goals to work with designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen’s fashion house and to walk the two other major fashion weeks, Paris and New York, we can safely assume we will see more of Miranda Markham in the coming years.

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