My favourite place - Helen Longworth

Actor Helen Longworth at her favourite place - Morecambe Bay

Actor Helen Longworth at her favourite place - Morecambe Bay - Credit: Art Direction by Better with Jam. Photography by Joe Mather

Helen Longworth, who plays Hannah Riley in The Archers, explains why she loves Morecambe Bay.

I grew up in Lancashire so between where I grew up in Grimsargh near Preston; childhood holidays in the Lake District and places of interest like Bolton because of family history and my late father Jim's great interest in mills and industrial history, it's difficult to identify just one place that is my favourite.

However I really have to say that despite thinking further afield, I have to choose the place I now live, Morecambe Bay. I live with my husband, son and step daughter in between Morecambe and Heysham Village and, as we're on the cliffs, we have the great treat of the beautiful landscape of the bay right outside our back door. There are so many reasons I love Morecambe Bay. I moved here eight years ago and have found that regardless of life's ups and downs, being by the sea in this way has always offered me a real sense of happiness and peace. I learn my lines for jobs by stomping up and down the beach; discovered a huge love of running through living here; got married at the beautiful St Peter's Church in Heysham Village and saw out the evening of my 40th birthday on the beach with friends and several bottles of white wine chilling in a rockpool.

My husband Tony's being a member of the RNLI crew also connects us to the bay in a different way and is a reminder of another side to the beautiful surroundings.

I find Morecambe a very creative place, inspiring to my work yet also a great place to have a break from it.

It's full of potential and I am excited for its future with the possibilities of the Eden Project and continuation of its fantastic festivals through the summer which bring everyone together outdoors. Being here honestly feels like living on holiday, which can't be bad.

Helen is currently developing a new play, 'Ladies That Bus', which is due to tour the North West January 2020.

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