My Sussex life - classical guitarist Richard Durrant

Richard Durrant (c) Mia Frost

Richard Durrant (c) Mia Frost - Credit: Mia Frost

Richard Durrant is a leading recitalist who is currently recording an album for release later this year

What I’m watching

During lockdown I have lost my appetite for Newsnight which is normally about all I watch on the telly. But as the pace of all our lives has been affected I have actually been enjoying sitting with my family and watching things together. The Windsors is our current favourite – it strikes a chord with all of us and Harry Enfield’s Prince Charles is wonderful to behold. I actually had a nice chat with the real Prince Charles a year or so ago – but all I could think of was Harry Enfield.

What I’m listening to

I’m currently completely immersed in the recording of my next album Weald Barrows so I’m spending a great deal of time listening to mixes from the recordings. Days are spent writing and recording and evenings tend to be taken up listening and taking notes in readiness for the following day.

The music that’s got me through hard times

Well, the hard times are right now – the hardest of times for so many of us who are feeling existential angst mixed with the hope that the world will emerge ready for much-needed serious change.

Most Read

The music that is helping me through these times is my new album, 90 per cent my own with some moments of JS Bach thrown in. Working on a project like this during such strange times means that the join between writing, recording and listening has become invisible. The absorption is absolute.

The last film I saw

Knives Out starring Daniel Craig and Chris Evans. Once I got used to Craig’s new, droopy, American persona complete with drawled southern accent, it turned into a compelling watch. Hitchockian in style with a really intriguing, amusing, timeless plot.

My favourite radio station/podcast

I’m a staunch BBC man. I know the organisation isn’t perfect but in this post-truth world we have to have reference points that we can trust. For me Radio 4 is not just my trusted reference point of choice but also a source of entertainment and learning. Most recently I have enjoyed Evan Davis’ role as anchorman of Radio 4’s PM. His gentle, non-adversarial approach is very refreshing and, in some ways, is a lesson to us all.

My best experience in a theatre

Walking onstage, some years ago, to a near-full house. I was playing a solo gig at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford and had no idea how many tickets had been sold. In those days an audience of that size came as a wonderful shock and I remember exchanging glances with my stage manager, Matt Hodgson, as the lights came up. I’m glad to say the gig went well!

The book I’m most likely to lend to a friend…

My current favourite book is Wilding by Isabella Tree, the story of the Knepp rewilding project. Anybody concerned with the environment and the future of our planet should read this book. Better still, go and visit the estate. This story and all that it encompasses plays a big part in my new album.

My favourite local arts venue/event

The Ropetackle Arts Centre in Shoreham has to be my choice here. Ropetackle, and places like it, are nothing short of a miracle and I marvel at their existence when I walk out onstage. u

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