Out of Office: Francis Wain Jewellers

Francesca Watson from Francis Wain

Francesca Watson from Francis Wain - Credit: Archant

Meet Francesca Watson, personal assistant to the director of 50 year old independent Norfolk jewellers Francis Wain

What’s been your career path?

I started at Francis Wain Jewellers in Dereham when I finished sixth form at The Park High School, in Gaywood, covering a colleague’s maternity leave. I was hopeful of continuing my career with the company when she returned and so was thrilled when I was offered a position in the King’s Lynn branch.

I spent a further year on the shop floor, learning as much as I could about the industry and our stock, and then the opportunity arose to apply for the role as personal assistant to director of the company, Donne Kidson. I jumped at the chance and some five years later I am still pleased I did. Francis Wain seems to get into your blood and, like most of my colleagues, we have all been here a long time. My job provides me with great diversity and new challenges, I have learned so much along the way and hope to continue to do so.

In the office, your three biggest challenges?

Every other staff member seems to think I’m their PA too! Managing the changing priorities and keeping ahead of the game, with swift time-keeping and a knack of knowing what Donne wants and expects after so many years in the job. Finally, remembering to take my lunch.

Out of office, your three favourite pastimes?

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I’m currently, and have been for some time, planning my wedding in May – it is a very exciting time but, as all brides know, it does become your favourite hobby. Secondly, getting out with friends and family and experiencing new places and finally, and as clichéd as it sounds, I really enjoy nights out to the cinema and a nice meal.

First record – and what you are listening to today?

The first record I ever listened to was probably the Spice Girls. Now, my choice of music really depends on my mood, although I do like to listen to chart music along with up and coming artists. Also I have to admit a guilty pleasure - Peter Andre! Much to the amusement of my colleagues.

First car – and what do you drive now?

My first car was a purple Ford Fiesta and I now drive a silver Peugeot 206.

What’s your exercise of choice?

When I am in the mood I don’t mind getting out on my bike.

Where is your dream holiday?

I don’t believe your dream holiday is where you go, I think it is more about who you take with you. Travelling around America and also the Caribbean have always been my ideal sort of destinations.

Favourite place in Norfolk?

As I now live in Cambridge, my favourite place in Norfolk is going home to my parents’ house at West Winch, near King’s Lynn. w

Francis Wain Jewellers, Norfolk Street, King’s Lynn, PE30 1AR; intu Chapelfield Shopping Centre, Norwich NR2 1SU; www.franciswainjewellers.com

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