Peak Community Vet: mobile vet services in Derbyshire

Dr Katie Burke, Peak Community Vet

Dr Katie Burke, Peak Community Vet - Credit: Archant

Peak Community Vet offers tailor made care for your pet within the comfort of your own home, meaning that you can leave behind the days of stressful visits to the surgery

Katie carrying out a home examination

Katie carrying out a home examination - Credit: Archant

We all dread taking our pets to the vet. As well as the initial worry about a scary diagnosis, there’s the inevitable stresses for both humans and animals brought on by the journey, and the various unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells when you arrive. That’s where Peak Community Vet comes in.

Pioneered by Dr Katie Burke, BVetMed MRCVS, this unique veterinary service travels to you and your pet rather than the other way around. “At the moment it’s just me and a van, travelling around like a mini clinic,” Katie explains. This entirely mobile practice is fully equipped with everything to care for your pets within the comfort of your own home. Her expertise lies in small animals, and she covers the north east Derbyshire area, including Chesterfield, Mansfield and Worksop.

Peak Community Vet

Peak Community Vet - Credit: Archant

Katie’s services include an extensive list of routine procedures, from health checks to vaccinations, to advice on weight management and behaviour and minor operations such as neutering. “I also bring most first line medication with me, so I’m able to provide initial treatments and then prescribe and dispense further medication as needed.” she says.

Katie was inspired to set up her own mobile practice following time spent working in America, where standard appointment times with vets are much longer. “Over here in the UK, surgeries are often limited to just ten minutes, and there’s so much to try and cram in,” she explains. “This way eliminates the rush so I can spend more time listening to client concerns and building up a stress-free relationship with their pets.” But it’s not just about longer consults - it’s also about that special ‘our’ time.

Our lives have become so busy, and whether it be gathering the kids together or catching Mr. Whiskers and coaxing him into his carrier, loading everyone in the car is tough. Then there’s still the travel, the wait in reception and the return home, leading to a huge amount of stress caused to both us humans and our pets. Many people may not have their own transportation, are elderly or disabled, which makes the journey next to impossible. And what if you have three cats and a dog?

Katie comes to your house which removes all those stresses and time constraints. And when that sad day comes when you need to say goodbye, it happens in the familiar and safe surroundings of our home. “It’s a more peaceful goodbye,” Katie says. “And means that last memory isn’t leaving your friend behind at the busy surgery.”

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With her mobile practice, Katie is rapidly becoming an important part of the local community, a trusted person to call on during difficult times.

To find out more about the services provided by Peak Community Vet and to receive a free fridge magnet, call 07724 165 030 or visit

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