Philip Hindes’ Cheshire life

Olympic gold-medallist Philip Hindes with his medals

Olympic gold-medallist Philip Hindes with his medals - Credit: Archant

Why Cheshire provides all Olympic gold medal winner Philip Hindes with all he needs

Philip Hindes of Great Britain
Photo: Alex Whitehead

Philip Hindes of Great Britain Photo: Alex Whitehead - Credit: Alex Whitehead/

Where do you live and why?

I live in Wilmslow. I like that you have lots of nice restaurants and bars within walking distance. It’s a great location for my cycling as well, as within a few minutes of riding you are out in the lanes or you can ride in the peak district so there’s lots of options.

Where do you head for a health kick?

As a professional cyclist I’m happy to rest and relax at home. But my usual health kick/training is normally in the Manchester velodrome or out on the roads around Cheshire .

And to indulge?

A beer in the local pub!

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Where are your favourite places to shop?

As a cyclist of course I need to say The Service Course in Wilmslow. Coffee, cakes and bikes...the perfect combination.

What is your favourite building in Cheshire?

For me it’s probably The Rex Cinema, in Wilmslow, as there’s so much history.

Where do you go to relax?

The Service Course La Fabrica in Wilmslow. You can just sit back have a coffee and catch up with friends. I am a huge coffee fan. In fact, I have just joined forces with fellow Olympic gold medal winners Owain Doull and Callum Skinner to launch our own coffee brand, 5 Rings. The idea began back in 2012 when, as we developed a lasting friendship through our international travels in professional cycling, we would all go on the hunt for great coffee in every place we visited.

What do you consider to be the finest view in Cheshire?

I would say going for a walk to The Edge in Alderley Edge gives me the most fantastic views.

What do you miss most about Cheshire when you are away?

I like travelling but I do like being at home and popping in to one of the many restaurants to catch up with friends

What is your happy place? I am never happier than when I’m…

Out on my bike in the sunshine

Can you sum up your Cheshire Life, in three words?

Friends, cycling, Coffee

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