Fashionista and reality TV star Seema Malhotra on all things Cheshire

Seema Malhotra

Seema Malhotra - Credit: Archant

The fashion designer, founder of label Forever Unique, and reality TV star reveals her favourite hangouts for fun, friends and family time.

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Good morning , take a coffee and say cheers to life

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To me, home is…

My peace, my sanctuary - where I'm with my husband, my sons and my dog, Milo. He's a white cockapoo, like a little fluffy cloud. My sons are 23 and 20 now and Milo's like a baby I wasn't supposed to have.


Your earliest Cheshire memory?

We lived in Bury when I was younger and we'd come out to Cheshire for days out and I'd be wowed by the size of the houses. Then my father's business started doing well and we moved here. I remember being 11 and scared of our new house because I'd never slept in a room that big before.


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Where do you head for a health kick?

Diva Fever dance classes at Hale Country Club. I'll go in there, so stressed with work, and then I turn into Janet Jackson or Beyoncé for an hour and forget everything.


Where do you do some credit card damage?

I don't spend much on clothes given I wear my own label. But for my holiday wardrobe I love Rumpus Resort in Wilmslow; it does the most incredible beachwear.


Most romantic moment in Cheshire?


My husband took me to Peckforton Castle for our anniversary. We've been together 27 years and although we live and work together it's not always quality time. So we try to make moments to switch off... We still talked about work all night!


If you could move into any building in Cheshire?


Arley Hall. I'm obsessed with its gardens. We love them so much we threw a big Bollywood-themed bash there


What's your Cheshire beauty secret?


KP Aesthetics in Hale, run by my friend Khatra Paterson. She doesn't pressurise me to have anything done. She's never suggested I stick filler in my face. There may be a time when I want to go down the aesthetic route but for now I'll stick to her hydrafacials - I travel a lot and they're great for rehydrating my skin after I've been on a plane.


Where do you go to relax?


It's only since I've started going through the menopause that I've accepted how important it is to make time to relax. I wasn't sleeping, I was panicking all the time and working 24/7. The anxiety was all part of the change. So heading to Hale Country Club and spending time in the spa really is good for my health.


And to go wild with friends?


I don't really like going into the city but I'll make an exception for a night out with my girls at the bar Menagerie.


I'm never happier than when I'm…


Flying home and see the greenery of Cheshire as we land. It doesn't matter where I've been, I'm always so glad to come home. We do a lot of business in London and could have moved there - but why would we? Cheshire is the best and I'm so proud to be from here.


Your Cheshire life in three words


Stunning. Scenic. Stylish.


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