Stuntman Marlow Warrington-Mattei on his perfect Surrey weekend

Leading stunt double Marlow Warrington-Mattei (left) pictured with Oscar-winning actor Jean Dujardin

Leading stunt double Marlow Warrington-Mattei (left) pictured with Oscar-winning actor Jean Dujardin on the set of The Monuments Men - Credit: Archant

As an award-winning stuntman, risking life and limb on the set of films such as Harry Potter, Skyfall and Edge of Tomorrow, Marlow Warrington-Mattei likes to take it easy during his weekends in Weybridge – from meals at The Minnow to woodland walks...

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Weekends can start quite late depending if we are filming or doing a night shoot. Last week, I ended my night getting my arm set on fire and then being fire extinguished from head to toe by an actor on a rom-com film I was working on!

However, if we finish on time, there is nothing like heading back home to Weybridge and getting the weekend started.

If the weather is nice, my wife and I might walk to The Minnow, which is our local pub, for a nice bite to eat and a drink by the River Wey.

Energy can be on the downside after a long week at work so really the weekend starts on a Saturday morning where I will head to the gym in Addlestone called Locker 27 – in my opinion one of the best gyms in the whole of Surrey!

I need to make sure that training is still a part of the weekend, as if I am doubling an actor of a certain size, I have to make sure I maintain and stay in the best shape I can.

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After a good training session, I’ll head into Richmond where my favourite shop has opened… Wholefoods! I tend to have a nice lunch there and do a good food shop for the week of amazing products!


Whacky races

The weather will also determine the plans for the weekend too; sometimes, I’ll meet up with some of the other stunt guys at Daytona Sandown in Esher for a go-kart race, which always ends up being on the competitive side!

There is so much to do in Surrey that if it’s nice and sunny the options are endless!

Sunday is family time! My wife, in-laws and I will go for a lovely walk in the woods at Horsell Common with the new addition of our beautiful little nephew!

Food is taken very seriously in the family, so there is often a barbecue competition of who can make the best burger that day…

Unfortunately, the weekend flies by way too quickly when you are having fun, but there is always time to watch a film at the cinema on a Sunday night!

There is no other place to go but The Everyman Cinema in Walton-on-Thames for a true cinema experience, great staff, great food, great decor and vibe and the most comfortable seats!

Back home after the cinema, it’s time to read through the script, organise my stunt equipment for what will be needed that week and get an early night to prepare myself for literally whatever will be thrown at me!


• For more information on the career of Surrey stuntman Marlow Warrington-Mattei, check out his website at or see his Instagram account at mwmstunts


My Surrey Weekend – how would you spend your perfect weekend in Surrey?

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