Sussex musician Adam Davis donates song to RISE UK

Adam Davis

Adam Davis - Credit: Archant

Brighton born Adam Davis writes and releases a single entitled ‘Rise’, with 100% of sales going directly to RISE UK


- Credit: Archant

Download the song in full at

Adam has two family friends who have been helped by the work of RISE – one quite recently.

This year is the 20th Anniversary of RISE and Adam was invited to play at the Anniversary Ball on 11 September at the Amex Stadium, Brighton.

“I thought a good way to raise funds and awareness would be through a song; so I wrote and released a single entitled ‘Rise’, which is now available on iTunes & Amazon mp3. 100% of Sales go directly to the charity, in perpetuity,” he says.



Adam started singing in church and gospel choirs at the age of five. At 11, he was walking along Brighton seafront when he saw two buskers with an upright piano, microphone and no money in the hat. To their surprise, he asked if he could borrow the kit. Playing Elton John and Freddie Mercury covers to a growing crowd resulted in a filled hat for the buskers. His next words to his parents… “Can I do this again tomorrow, please?”

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Albums (both independent)

• Shout Out (2008) – 10 original songs – written & produced by professional song writing duo Chicks With Hits.

• Adam Davis (2013) – 11 songs; all except one written by Adam.



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