How can life coaching help you achieve your career goals?

Teignmouth Life Coaching

Teignmouth Life Coaching - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Aimee Pagliari is the Teignmouth Life Coach and she can help you achieve your personal, career or business success through a variety of holistic methods

Teignmouth Life Coaching

Teignmouth Life Coaching - Credit: Archant

When you are experiencing a tough time in your personal life or at work, it may not be easy to see where fulfilment or happiness will come from.

This is when a professional life coach can be just what you require to help you find your hidden potential and provide you with all the required tools to develop as a well-rounded individual.

Based in the large seaside town and fishing port of Teignmouth, Aimee Pagliari is a fully-certified life coach who first began working as a hypnotherapist a decade ago before turning her hand to life coaching, counselling and working as a doula.

While counselling typically focuses on helping you address internal problems impacting your happiness, life coaching helps you to adapt to the external world around you. This is all done with the aim of helping you ‘to get what you need out of the world and life through healthy means and accomplishing whatever you would like to accomplish’ says Aimee.

Teignmouth Life Coaching

Teignmouth Life Coaching - Credit: Archant

Every life coaching session that Aimee runs is guided by a holistic approach that ‘focuses on the mind, body and soul, taking into account every aspect of who you are and what you are made up of, your past, present and future creating a treatment plan that treats you in your entirety as opposed to focusing on one issue and resolving that one issue’.

A typical session can involve a combination of talk therapy, yoga, meditation and hypnotherapy but your first session will likely just consist of working out where you currently are, where you want to be and how you envision yourself getting there.

Following that you’ll work with Aimee to create a number of goals, all of which will be worked towards both in therapy and at home.

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With adherence to the yoga and exercises set by Aimee, you’ll eventually develop a rigorous set of skills that can help you regulate all parts of your life. Aimee says: ‘The everyday struggles you are faced with often overwhelm many people and with the exercises and treatment programmes I have, people are much more able to deal with things in a healthy way.’

Despite the numerous benefits of holistic life coaching, many people are reluctant to even contact somebody about therapy.

‘There is a stigma around it but I would say do your research and see how this has benefited people and if you’ve got questions feel free to ask,’ said Aimee.

‘Don’t shut yourself off from this entirely, look further into it and if you come up with any questions or concerns, email me.’

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