The Big Norfolk Quiz: 100 pub quiz questions

Sunset at Thurne on the Norfolk Broads (photo: David Powley)

Sunset at Thurne on the Norfolk Broads (photo: David Powley) - Credit: David Powley

How well do you know Norfolk? Brilliantly well, of course, which is why you’ll get 100 out of 100 right... won’t you? No Googling anything – it’s just for fun!


1) What is the land which once linked Norfolk to the Netherlands known as?

2) What is Bishop’s Lynn called today?

3) How do we know Vikings settled on the Isle of Flegg?

4) What was built in Norfolk in 2049BC?

5) Who is the figure at the top of Nelson’s monument in Yarmouth?

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6) The Romans called it Branodunum; what do we know it as?

7) What were the names of Norwich’s three railway stations?

8) Where did a family leave footprints on the beach more than 800,000 years ago?

9) Where in Norfolk did a 14th century king of England imprison his mother?

10) Where did King George V call: “The place I love better than anywhere else in the world.”


1) Where did a saint make a beaver into a bishop in thanks for being saved from drowning?

2) What did the Pedlar of Swaffham do with his gold?

3) What is the name of the gift giver who visits Norfolk children on February 14?

4) How and where is St Winnold’s Day celebrated?

5) What is the name of the dragon which leads the Lord Mayor’s Procession through the streets of Norwich?

6) What is the name of the devil dog which haunts East Anglia?

7) Who is the patron saint of farm workers and where was he buried?

8) Where in Norfolk did pilgrims travel in the hope of seeing a piece of the cross?

9) Which Norfolk woodland was the setting for the original Babes in the Wood story?

10) Which town was terrorised by a dragon until it was driven out to roost at lonely St Benet’s Abbey?


1) Britain’s largest butterfly is only found in Norfolk. What is its name?

2) What are the Cong, the Gadder and the Ainse?

3) What is the name of the bird known in Norfolk as the Norfolk plover, thick knee or wailing heath chicken?

4) What is the name for a large group of birds, swirling through the sky as they prepare to roost?

5) What are Lolly Moor and Honeypot Wood?

6) Where is the largest colony of grey seals in England?

7) What is the Snettisham Spectacular? A) a hoard of Roman treasure; B) pink footed geese gathering on the sands and lagoons of the shore; C) the village classical music festival which is, by tradition, where royal children give their first public performance

8) In which Norfolk area beginning with B will you find heaths, pingos and flint mines?

9) What is the name of the largest lowland pine forest in Britain?

10) Which birds are the stars of a webcam city centre soap opera of life, death and even a wicked stepmother?

The Broads

1) What are Albion, Hathor and Olive?

2) What were people digging for when they created the depressions which flooded to form the Broads? A) fuel; B) treasure; C) tunnels to hide from dragons

3) What are Rollesby, Ormesby and Filby Broads known as together?

4) From where can you float on a falcon or marsh harrier?

5) What is the maximum speed a motor-powered boat can travel on the Broads?

6) Which church is known as The Cathedral of the Broads?

7) Where in the Broads will you find Crocklebogs, Twiggles and Boggles?

8) Where in the Broads will you find tigers and crocodiles?

9) The Broads is the only place in England where an endangered orchid grows wild. Is it A) the normal for Norfolk orchid; B) the fen orchid; C) the Suffolk orchid

10) The Norfolk hawker is only found in the Broads. Is it A) a dragonfly; B) a bird of prey; C) a door-to-door salesperson


1) Which Norfolk town has the world’s only museum of gas and local history?

2) Which Norfolk towns have piers?

3) Where was Little Yarmouth?

4) What links Hürth, near Cologne; Skawina, near Kraków; Nissewaard, near Rotterdam and Les Ulis, near Paris?

5) Who said Norwich was “a fine old city”? A) William the Conquerer B) The Nimmo Twins C) George Borrow

6) Which Norfolk town was once the most important port in England?

7) Where would a Shannock have been born?

8) What did Burnham Sutton, Burnham Ulph and Burnham Westgate merge to become?

9) Which two places beginning with W are linked by the world’s longest 10 1⁄4 inch gauge railway line?

10) From which town did the residents write to Parliament in the 1630s, complaining their community had been devastated by an exodus of ‘most of the able inhabitants.’


1) What is the name of the man who founded Hethel-based Lotus Cars?

2) What type of aircraft were famously based at Pulham St Mary airfield?

3) What is the heritage railway line which runs between Sheringham and Holt popularly known as?

4) What is the name of the three-wheeled sports cars made in Hingham?

5) Where in Norfolk would you find the Muckleburgh military vehicle collection?

6) The Norwich Northern Distributor Road was renamed soon after it opened – what is it called?

7) What is the name of the firm which made steam engines and farming machinery at its Thetford factory from around 1770 until 1928?

8) According to the most recent data published by the Office of Rail and Road, which is the least-used railway station in Norfolk? A) Berney Arms; B) Buckenham; C) Harling Road

9) What type of aircraft did Reymerston pilot Wing Commander Ken Wallis make famous in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice?

10 How many passengers used Norwich Airport in 2018? A) 398,438; B) 1,094,207; C) 536,578

Literature and music

1) In what Norfolk town was Black Beauty author Anna Sewell born?

2) Thursford is home to a collection of what type of instrument?

3) What is the name of the Norwich-born author of His Dark Materials?

4) Who left Norwich band The Higsons to forge a career as a comic actor and writer?

5) The National Centre for Writing is housed in which famous Norwich building?

6) What was the title of the most famous book written by UEA professor Sir Malcom Bradbury?

7) Norfolk’s best-known brass band hails from which village?

8) Born in Des Moines, Iowa, this writer made his home in Norfolk for 10 years; what is his name?

9) This well-known writer moved to Norfolk when she was three. Her books include Poppyland and Hens Dancing. What is her name?

10) Two of Arthur Ransome’s famous children’s books were set in the Norfolk Broads. Can you name either?

Business and technology

1) What is the name of the famous confectionery firm based in Norwich which was sold to John Mackintosh & Sons Limited of Halifax in 1932?

2) Norfolk had what is thought to be the first English provincial newspaper, printed between 1701 and 1713. What was it called?

3) What is the name ofvNorfolk’s world-renowned plant science centre?

4) Two famous Norfolk businesses celebrate their 250th anniversaries this year. What are they?

5) In 2012 a landmark tower in King’s Lynn was demolished. What famous brand name was displayed on it?

6) The man who invented the hovercraft was educated at Gresham’s School in Holt. What was his name?

7) What is the name of the man who founded the Norwich Union insurance company in 1797?

8) In which village is Norfolk brewer Woodforde’s based?

9) In what year was the Bacton Gas Terminal officially opened by the Duke of Edinburgh?

10) A well-known Norwich family-run ironmongers opened in 1835 and is still in business today. What is it called?


1) Which famous literary figure was elected as MP for Castle Rising in 1673?

2) Name the recent Oscar-winning actor who was born in Norwich?

3) What is the name of the famous cricketing family who hailed from Norfolk?

4) What connection does actor Hugh Jackman have with Norfolk?

5) Which former top politician has a home in Weybourne?

6) How many lives did legendary Cromer lifeboat coxwain Henry Blogg help to save? A) 783; B) 668; C) 873

7) Which MasterChef finalist opened a specialist patisserie in Norwich?

8) Which Norfolk-born figure was executed by the German army in 1915 for treason?

9) In which Norfolk village did actor and writer Stephen Fry grow up?

10) Which Norwich-born singer-songwriter has written hits for Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry and Britney Spears?


1) What Norfolk football team is known as the Linnets?

2) What is the name of the county’s champion wheelchair tennis player?

3) Which Norfolk village cricket club won the 40 over club championship at Lord’s in 2019?

4) How Many Formula One races did Team Lotus win?

5) Can you name the three Norfolk golf courses that have the prefix ‘Royal’?

6) When did motor racing start at Snetterton? A) 1951; B) 1958; C) 1964

7) In 1993 Jeremy Goss and Mark Bowen scored in the historic UEFA Cup win for Norwich City against Bayern Munich. Who scored for the German side?

8) Three members of the same Norfolk family have played men’s rugby union for England; who are they?

9) Name the winners of this year’s World Bowls Championship open and women’s singles titles, played at Potters Resort in Hopton?

10) Cadders Hill at Lyng hosts national level motorsport – what is it?




1) Doggerland

2) King’s Lynn

3) 13 of its villages end with “by,” meaning “settlement of” in the Viking language – think Hemsby, Scratby, Billockby, Filby, Mautby and Thrigby.

4) Seahenge

5) Britannia

6) Brancaster

7) Norwich City, Norwich Victoria and Norwich Thorpe

8) Happisburgh

9) Castle Rising

10) Sandringham


1) Babingley

2) Restored Swaffham church

3) Father, or Jack, Valentine

4) With a horse-themed procession in Downham Market

5) Snap

6) Black Shuck

7) St Walstan, Bawburgh

8) Bromholm Priory, Bacton

9) Wayland

10) Ludham


1) Swallowtail

2) Norfolk rivers

3) Stone curlew

4) Murmuration

5) Norfolk Wildlife Trust reserves

6) Blakeney Point

7) B) pink footed geese

8) The Brecks

9) Thetford Forest

10) Peregrine falcons

The Broads

1) Wherries

2) A) peat for fuel

3) The Trinity Broads

4) Take a trip on Victorian steam boat Falcon and electric boat Marsh Harrier from the Museum of the Broads, Stalham

5) 6mph

6) St Helen’s, Ranworth.

7) BeWilderwood

8) Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens

9) B) the fen orchid

10) A) a dragonfly


1) Fakenham

2) Cromer and Great Yarmouth

3) Across the river from Great Yarmouth, in what is now Southtown

4) They are all twinned with Thetford

5) C) George Borrow

6) King’s Lynn

7) Sheringham

8) Burnham Market

9) Walsingham and Wells-next-the-Sea

10) Hingham – they had emigrated to America.


1) Colin Chapman

2) Airships

3) The Poppy Line

4) Triking

5) Weybourne

6) Broadland Northway

7) Charles Burrell and Sons

8) A) Buckenham

9) Autogyro

10) C) 536,578


1) Great Yarmouth

2) Organ

3) Philip Pullman

4) Charlie Higson

5) Dragon Hall

6) The History Man

7) Cawston

8) Bill Bryson

9) Raffaella Barker

10) Coot Club or The Big Six

Business and Science

1) Caleys

2) Norwich Post

3) John Innes Institute

4) Jarrold and Bakers & Larners

5) Campbells Soup

6) Sir Christopher Cockerell

7) Thomas Bignold

8) Woodbastwick

9) 1969

10) Thorns


1) Samuel Pepys

2) Olivia Colman

3) Edrich

4) His mother Grace lives in the county

5) Sir John Major

6) C) 873

7) Tim Kinnaird

8) Edith Cavell

9) Booton, near Reepham

10) Cathy Dennis


1) King’s Lynn Town FC

2) Alfie Hewett

3) Swardeston CC

4) 79

5) Royal West Norfolk, Royal Norwich and Royal Cromer

6) 1951

7) Christian Nerlinger

8) Nick, Ben and Tom Youngs

9) Robert Paxton, Julie Forrest

10) Motocross

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