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The Big TV Shop is a privately owned family run business based in Lancashire. We specialise in TVs and all the accessories related to them.

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The Big TV Shop is a privately owned family run business based in Lancashire. We specialise in TVs and all the accessories related to them. We understand the sciences related to providing our customers with the perfect TV image and hours of hassle free entertainment.

The company is run by two hands-on directors Chris Walmsley and Garry Howard who collectively have over 30 years experience in the Audio Visual and Display Technology Sector.  We also supply and install Digital TV Solutions into the residential care homes, guest houses and hotels.  

We specifically select TV products for our range that we have tested individually, we know they work and we recommend them to our customers with great confidence. We select products that are unique in style, technology and connectivity.

We are big enough to buy TVs in bulk and import them directly from manufacturing sources to provide our customers with up to the minute technology and big savings when compared with our competition.

We do not sell computer parts, fridges, washing machines, we only do what our name suggests, we sell TVs, we live TVs, we study TVs, we watchTVs and we love TVs, if you want a specialist approach then you are in the right place.

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The Big TV Shop would like everybody who visits our new online internet store to feel at ease with the products and the sciences' that relate to new TV technology. New technology can be mind-boggling and we will help all our customers to try and understand what it all means and why they should be spending their hard-earned money with us.

We understand that buying a TV for many of us is a family experience and as the Big TV Shop is a family business we understand your need to make the correct investment in a TV that suits you and that will be future proof against further technology advancements.

Our pricing is fair and honest, we will not hide behind mysterious add-ons to make our headline prices ridiculously cheap and similarly we will not shy away from a deal. If you are moving house or you need to buy more than one TV then please give us a call so we can visit you and give a free home survey (a cup of tea and some chocolate digestives would be great). A home survey enables you to get a total picture of what you can integrate into your home from TV wall mounting, hidden cabling, motorised satellite systems, the latest SKY HD 3D TV in every room to Wireless Movie access in all rooms.

This pre-sales experience is only part of our job and we pride ourselves on our after sales care. We do not hide behind e-mail addresses and high cost phone lines. If a customer wants to speak directly to a human voice then just pick up the phone and speak to our technical guru Peter Shyran, who is our showroom manager on 01704 891197. A wise businessman once said that it costs far less to keep the customers you have than to go out and find new customers and that is the philosophy we have adopted at The Big TV Shop.

You may want to think twice when it comes to selecting your delivery system. The cheapest route is not always best, please think this through very carefully, if you are spending on average over 600 on a brand new LCDTV then please select the very best delivery system. The two man lift service will generally almost guarantee your new LCDTV arrives with you in the same immaculate condition that it left us.

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