Uniting families across Surrey

John, carer and family

John, carer and family - Credit: Archant

This weekend, local businessman Tibor Dusnoki brought almost 100 carers, clients and their families together by organising ‘Big Lunches’ throughout the region… But not as you know them!

Tibor owns local live-in care provider, Promedica24. Most of his clients are too elderly or infirmed to leave their homes and so couldn’t enjoy the outdoor, community led ‘Big Lunch’ events or Her Majesty’s birthday celebrations. Keen to ensure his client’s didn’t miss out, Tibor helped to turn the tables by giving them the opportunity to host lunches of their own, organised by Promedica24’s live-in carers and paid for by the company.

Redefining the norm for this national event, families up and down the country gathered together in their loved one’s home where, together with Promedica24 live-in companions and carers, they cooked up a storm and served up lashings of happiness!

Forget loneliness, forget isolation and forget ‘being cared for’. Think independence, think family, friendship and a chance to once again enjoy being the host! This was the scene in over 25 homes in the region thanks to Tibor.

Promedica24 offer a 24 hour live-in care service as a genuine alternative to residential care homes. From simple companionship and support with everyday tasks to more advanced requirements such as Dementia, disability and end-of-life care. Tibor and his team are passionate about their client’s right to choose where and how they are cared for.

Take 92 year old John from Surrey. He lives with his Promedica24 carer, Beata. John thought the days of entertaining at home were behind him. But this weekend, he was able to invite his family for lunch and they were, understandably, delighted: “It was lovely to have a get together with all the family. We had four generations of our family sat around the table from my little granddaughter aged 1 to my great grandfather aged 92. Even some of the neighbours across the street came over and enjoyed scoffing all of the polish biscuits. Everyone mucked in together to make the event really special and my father had a lovely time. It was nice that we could also celebrate the Queen’s birthday at the same time,” said Mrs Bingham, John’s daughter.

For a truly personal touch, Tibor hand delivered specially made gift vouchers, banners and polish cakes to each of his clients in the run up to Sunday’s event. As you can imagine, he was invited to one or two lunches himself this weekend!

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“I’m so happy and proud that I was able to help my clients share in this experience. You should see have seen their faces when I told them! I’m passionate about empowering my clients by helping them not just to stay at home but to be able to live with as much independence and dignity as possible. It’s what we would all want for our own families isn’t it?” said Tibor.

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