My favourite place - Wayne Hemingway

Young Wayne at Half Moon Bay with Cha-Cha

Young Wayne at Half Moon Bay with Cha-Cha - Credit: not Archant

Wayne Hemingway kicks off our new series by recalling special family memories from around Morecambe Bay.

My mum would take me to a beautiful spot at Half Moon Bay, Heysham, Morecambe Bay where there was a slab of rock shaped like a sunbed that faced just the right way to get the sun most of the day – she’d douse us in vinegar and olive oil and we’d fry on the rock in the sun. I remember we had to clamber over rocks to get to the ‘Hemingway Hotel’ as we christened it. When I go back to our annual Vintage by the Sea in Morecambe, the first thing I do is put on my running shoes and run along the prom, take in those views across the bay to mountain peaks of the Lakes and go to that rock to spend a few minutes thinking about my mum. The views are compromised a tad by the nearby power station but it’s still a lovely quiet spot and that smell of vinegar and olive oil always comes flooding back.

What’s your favourite place?

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‘Originally from Preston but teaching abroad, currently in Vietnam; my favourite two places in Lancashire would have to be Lancaster and Garstang.’

Catherine Eastham, via email.

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