Weather presenter Clare Nasir on all things Cheshire

Clare Nasir

Clare Nasir - Credit: Archant

The Channel Five weather presenter from Wilmslow tells us about how country walks (and country pubs) make her happy, and her plans for Christmas

This year, I shall be spending Christmas…

At home, before trekking along a couple of bridle paths to the Plough and Flail pub in Mobberley for lunch with my mum, husband and daughter.

To me, home is…

Wilmslow, with my family, and my amazing set of friends here, who are the kindest, warmest and friendliest people I know. I absolutely love them.

Where do you head for a health kick?

To my local Yoga Life studio - it's a totally essential part of revitalising mind, body and soul.

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And to indulge?

Cibo in Wilmslow; excellent Italian cuisine.

Where do you do some credit card damage?

I absolutely adore Chester and Manchester for shopping, but only if it's combined with an indulgent lunch at Twenty Stories, or the Brassiere at the Grosvenor in Chester.

Most romantic moment in Cheshire…

We recently had a wonderfully romantic weekend break at Rowton Hall Hotel and Spa, just outside of Chester. It was a perfect getaway.

Where do you go to work?

A lovely cafe-bar in Wilmslow called Unico, where I wrote huge chunks of my new book, 'What Does Rain Smell Like?' in which my co-writer Simon King [BBC weatherman and meteorologist] and I answer the most curious questions about our weather.

Where do you go to relax?

I regularly go for long walks with my daughter, husband and dog Buddy. We are surrounded by stunning countryside; breathing in fresh air is my reset button.

Finest view in Cheshire?

From the Edge - of course!

What I miss most about Cheshire when I am away…

My daily woodland walks along the bridle path close to where we live. No two days are the same, the trees morph through the seasons, the woodland scents change but the essence of this place remains very special. I hope it's always protected against the ever-growing sprawl of new estates in the area.

I'm never happier than when I'm…

In my garden on a crisp, clear early morning, with my first cup of tea of the day.

Best place for a Boxing Day walk?

Lindow Common is a favourite of ours, and we will possibly walk to another country pub. We love the Bull in Mobberley.

On New Year's Eve I shall be…

At the Rex in Wilmslow for an early showing of Star Wars, the Rise of Skywalker, (we can't wait!) and then to friends to see in the New Year…

My New Year's resolutions are…

Play more saxophone, write my next book, do a 7-day fast.

My Cheshire Life in three words:

Friends, trees, air.

What Does Rain Smell Like? By Simon King and Clare Nasir, out now RRP £12.99