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To find that timeless gem that you will wear forever, you will need some expert advice. Here are some top tips from two local jewellers who can help you find the perfect ring

Top tips from Marisa Arna

1 Allow plenty of time beofre making a final decision about the rings you are likely to wear for the rest of your life. Look at various designs and designers.

2 If you already have an engagement ring, it is best to go for a wedding ring that will match in shape, colour, and design the engagement ring. The colour is also quite important, so consideration should be given to the rest of the jewellery you and your partner wear.

3 In the case of approaching a designer goldsmith whose work you like, give them a general idea of your preferences and then let them come up with a few designs for you. You may be surprised by what you actually end up choosing. It is very important that you try some samples on, to see what they look like on your fingers.

4 Consider practicality. What is the lifestyle of the wearer? If they do a lot of sports or do a physical job it would be best to avoid claw set stones, delicate stones such as tanzanite or emeralds, or coating such as Rhodium plating, which will wear off relatively quickly, and need to be redone often.

5 When choosing diamonds, go for the better cut and colour. A well cut good colour diamond can sparkle and look as large as a slightly larger one of poorer cut less white colour.

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Top Tips from Upchurch Jewellers

1 If you consider all the costs incurred for you big day, out of all of them the one thing you will still have in 50 or more years is your wedding ring, so it is well worth investing time and money to find the perfect rings for you.

2 Put aside some time to spend with a jeweller to try different styles, metals and talk through all the different options. Investing this time is very useful, romantic and enjoyable.

3 If at all possible you should consider your choice of wedding ring at the same time as buying engagement rings to ensure they complement each other. Ideally your wedding ring would be of the same metal as an engagement ring to reduce wear.

4 Platinum is known as the eternal metal as it is the strongest and most pure, it is also the rarest. If you like the white metals then white gold is an alternative, but has a rhodium plating which will need to be re-plated ocassionally. Another lower priced alternative to platinum is palladium, which is a member of the platinum family and has similar properties.

5 If you are choosing diamonds your jeweller can explain the four Cs – colour, cut, carat and clarity. Ask to look through a magnifying glass to examine for flaws. Good quality, well cut diamonds should show true brilliance, sometimes called ‘fire’ which will be obvious with the naked eye.

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