The biggest wedding trends for 2017

Wedding blogger Louise Baltruschat Hollis

Wedding blogger Louise Baltruschat Hollis - Credit: Archant

Derbyshire Life looks ahead to the 2017 season, quizzing the wedding experts on the best way to deliver that ‘Happy Ever After’… dog suits and all!

Wedding photography by Pixies in the Cellar

Wedding photography by Pixies in the Cellar - Credit: Archant

There is a little whisper amongst the wedding industry come September. After the busy summer months of ‘I do’, one might be forgiven for thinking those in the business take a break. Yet this is the month to get ahead in the wedding stakes. The time when eagle-eyed brides-and-grooms-to-be attend the National Wedding Show, grab ideas from the quirky London Vintage Wedding fayre or visit the classy Harrogate bridal show. But closer to home in Derbyshire there’s an abundance of wedding talent just waiting to be unleashed and they have given us an exclusive round-up of 2016 and a wedding forecast for 2017.

2016 The Story So Far

When it comes to traditions, award-winning wedding planner Val Mattinson of Benessamy believes couples in 2016 are throwing caution to the wind and creating their own. ‘Clients have become confident enough to adapt or dispense with some of the more traditional wedding etiquette and expectations, favouring options that are more in keeping with their personality and style.’

Wedding outfits for all! Photo: Field Photographic

Wedding outfits for all! Photo: Field Photographic - Credit: Archant

Quirky Individuality

‘We’ve had clients with children and groomswomen giving them away, brides making a speech and couples with sweetheart tables incorporated into their room layout,’ she enthuses. In fact Val’s icing-on-the-cake moment was at the end of the civil ceremony when a pop-up choir performed Abba’s “I Do I Do I Do”. ‘Even the registrars found it hard not to sing along,’ reminisces Val.

One wedding shop in the heart of Derby, Jon Paul Menswear has even been selling wedding outfits for dogs. Owner Hannah Lancashire says it’s really taken off in 2016. ‘We have been amazed by how popular they are. Everyone loves them, even people who don’t have dogs! We’ve had interest from across the country, not to mention the national press.’ You can’t get any more individual than dressing up your dog at your wedding, a trend that Hannah believes will continue right through into 2017.

Flowers by Tineke Photo: Matt Brown

Flowers by Tineke Photo: Matt Brown - Credit: Archant

Most Read

Whimisical Weddings founder and blogger Louise Baltruschat Hollis agrees. ‘Personality packed, happy and unique celebrations have been hot in 2016. Throwing out the rule book and thinking about what makes you tick as a couple and then implementing those elements into a celebration. Mismatched colour schemes, pets, unusual venues, hashtags and of course selfies galore.’ Things like this can turn a wedding from lovely to bespoke and stupendous in an instant.


In terms of colours, 2016 has been the year of the metallics – especially copper, says wedding planner Val. ‘Used creatively across all aspects of a wedding, styling can make your wedding stand out – from stationery and table settings to ensuring your wedding cake is not lost away in a dark corner.’

A Benessamy organised event Photo: Burnt Orange Photography

A Benessamy organised event Photo: Burnt Orange Photography - Credit: Archant

Multi-award winning Wirksworth-based wedding florist Tineke agrees that metallics have featured heavily this year when it comes to wedding bouquets. ‘Bold colours such as hot pink and coral coupled with metallics and copper tones have proved very popular. We have also used lots of foliage and natural designs,’ says managing director Kerry Booker.


‘2016 has seen a steady move towards natural wedding photography, capturing real moments,’ says photographer Sara Kirkham from Pixies In the Cellar. ‘There has been an upsurge in live music and bands, which is great. A good band definitely gets your dance floor full and they’re great entertainment too.’ Then there have been the getting-ready or even during the ceremony, intimate shots of the bride and groom. As Sara says ‘Natural is totally the best.’

Bridal beauty with Russian lashes by Elisabeth Quinn Photo: Matt Horan

Bridal beauty with Russian lashes by Elisabeth Quinn Photo: Matt Horan - Credit: Archant

Beautician Elisabeth Quinn has over 15 years’ experience in the beauty industry and is a dab hand at getting the right look for brides. But where should a bride start? ‘The biggest trend of 2016 has been Russian Volume lashes which have taken the beauty industry by storm. This new technique involves carefully applying lightweight lashes to each natural lash in a hand-crafted fan shape. The result is beautiful, soft fluffy lashes which feel weightless.’

It’s not just lashes that have had a make-over, Elisabeth maintains: ‘Nowadays we are so much more educated on the power of a good brow. Gone are the days of the 90’s skinny tadpole-shaped brow. Many brides-to-be contact me to help them achieve “on fleek” brows. I tell them they need to allow for four to six treatments before the big day. This can mean a high definition brow treatment once a month. The more treatments you have and the earlier you start the better your brows will look,’ adds Elisabeth.

With a celebrity client list, permanent make-up specialist Jemma Upton agrees that it has been the year to go natural: ‘Rather than the thick heavy pencilled-on look, people want perfectly shaped eyebrows, with natural thin hair strokes to enhance features. It’s all about natural-looking eyebrows.’

Hair style by Rachael White

Hair style by Rachael White - Credit: Archant


There is nothing more youthful than backless dresses. Bridal designer and stylist to the stars, Kate Halfpenny says this trend has continued in 2016. ‘People love lace over their skin, sheerness, fine tulles, spots, delicate fabrics and backless – everyone still loves the backless thing.’

This soft look has been mirrored in bridal hair. For experienced hair stylist Rachael White, bridal hair remains focused on plaits. But whilst 2015 was about structure, 2016 has been more Boho and rustic. ‘Brides are getting more daring and going for braided crowns or having a Grecian feel by weaving plaits through curls. This year the plaits are chunkier to make a bigger statement, either created with pinned in hair extensions or by pulling the braid loose whilst plaiting.’ It’s a look any bride can wear, enthuses Rachael. ‘Plaits are so versatile. You can pull the hair off their face with a Dutch braid or a side bun made up of smaller messy plaits pinned together. It’s such a youthful look.’

In the Spotlight – 2017

Making a statement is the key feature in the predictions for 2017. Hair stylist Rachael White believes glamour is going to be big: ‘Although I think plaits will be around for a few more years, the old Hollywood glamour hair will make a come back for the more traditional bride. A lot of brides get inspiration from the red carpet and the Hollywood glam look never dates. A strict side parting with long waves over one shoulder and a vintage hair comb on the other side looks show-stopping with a glamorous fishtail bridal gown.’

Bold Eyes

Complimenting this glamourous look, permanent make-up artist Jemma predicts bold eyes will continue to be popular in 2017. ‘Eyes are a feature that brides want to accentuate. Many brides decide on semi-permanent eyeliner prior to their wedding day as it won’t smudge or wear off throughout the day. Most brides ask for a natural eyelash enhancement. This is a line that runs through the lashes to make them appear longer and helps the eye to stand out.’

Beauty expert Liz agrees: ‘Russian volume lashes will continue to be huge in 2017 as they really give you instant glamour. They have been popular this year but this technique is still up and coming so you may not see it in many local salons yet, next year this will change for sure!’ In terms of brows Liz maintains that brows will be ‘full and textured’ but with less brow make-up. ‘They need to complete the look, not dominate it,’ reasons Liz.

Big Blooms

Wedding planner Val says it’s all about being in the spotlight, with opulence as the key. ‘We’ve seen lots of light boxes and I have no doubt they are going to continue right into 2017!’ Flowers are also set to take centre stage. ‘Large bouquets and opulent table arrangements will be on the up,’ says Val. A trend that floral specialist Tineke agrees with. ‘We predict even more colour and textures in 2017,’ says Kerry.

For wedding blogger Louise, blooms will be big but personable. Expect ‘mismatched, organic, natural weddings featuring plenty of blooms, delicious treats and scenic locations. All with a focus on a meaningful, personal ethos with plenty of style.’


For celebrity stylist and bridal designer Kate Halfpenny it’s about uniqueness, predicting; ‘More craft, stitching, detail, amazing fabrics, applique, things that make dresses unique.’

This theme is echoed by wedding photographers Pixies in the Cellar. ‘2017 will be hugely influenced by the movement away from posed and wooden photography. Capturing the real heart and soul of a wedding is becoming more and more in vogue. When the bride and groom can just be themselves this really makes an image sing.’

‘Ultimately though, things can change in a strange direction overnight,’ says Sara. ‘This is the magic and excitement of our creative industry, ultimately you never know the influences that shape tomorrow’s look until it happens. It’s a celebration of the two of you, embrace it, trends are for everyone else! Be true to yourself, be selfish… it’s your wedding, your celebration.’

Planning a wedding is such a personal time and therefore one that no one can really predict. In essence, perhaps, that is the joy of the wedding industry – you never know exactly how couples will seal their ‘happy ever after’ because instinctively, and rightly so, most couples are wrapped up in their own treasured moment.

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