What the locals really think of Stockport

Lower Hillgate

Lower Hillgate - Credit: Archant

We met some of the people who live and work in the Stockport and asked them about the changes taking place in the town.

Selma Deadman at Wardrobe

Selma Deadman at Wardrobe - Credit: Archant

Selma Deadman

Owns Wardrobe, Little Underbank

Why Stockport?

I was in Ashton-under-Lyne for five years before coming here in July 2013. I had noticed a difference in the high street in Ashton and originally looked around my home town of Altrincham before finally deciding to move the business to Stockport. The incentive of low rents and the location were what appealed to me and the fact that Wardrobe is aimed more at fashionable ladies than the younger end of the market. Last year was a great summer and I hope we can repeat the pattern for this year too.

If there’s one place you should visit...  Don’t miss the backstreets of Stockport and of course the market

Loves: Foodie Fridays in the market square

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Freedmans, Little Underbank

Freedmans, Little Underbank - Credit: Archant


Andrew Freedman

Freedmans is the 4th generation of his family to run the oldest retailer in Stockport, Freedmans menswear

My great grandfather Simon came from Europe and was originally a bookbinder but was told when he arrived in England that he was going to be a tailor. When the viaduct was built he noticed that every train stopped in Stockport and so he thought ‘this is the place to be’.

These days we do a lot of hire wear and have the biggest supply of highland wear in the region. We don’t rely on passing trade though. Our customers come from all over the UK.

If there’s one place you should visit...  Stockport’s Old Town

Loves: Stockport viaduct


Josefine Walsh at Stage Door, Little Underbank

Josefine Walsh at Stage Door, Little Underbank - Credit: Archant


Josefine Walsh

From Denmark, Josefine works for her grandma at The Stage Door, a fancy dress hire shop on Little Underbank.

I have been living in Stockport for the past four months and learning more about the English. I wanted to get a view of the people and the culture and have definitely discovered cultural differences while I have been here.

The English people are a lot more reserved but at the same time they like to talk. If they come in to hire something they will tell you their back story, whereas in Denmark the people aren’t like that at all.

If there’s one place you should visit... The Baker’s Vaults - it’s a pub on the market square and it does really good chips

Loves: The people of Stockport


Maggie Liu at Isabella Bridal, Little Underbank

Maggie Liu at Isabella Bridal, Little Underbank - Credit: Archant

Maggie Liu

Maggie owns Isabella Bridal on Little Underbank

I wanted to open a bridal boutique but because we are a start up business didn’t want to pay a lot of rent.

This place is perfect. We not only have the ground floor but two other floors. It means that a bride can be completely private downstairs and have enough room to accommodate her bridesmaids and anyone else she wants to bring with her. The downside is, there is no parking.

If there’s one place you should visit...

Stockport Plaza is a nice place to go

Loves: The Hatworks


David Telford at Eternal Envy

David Telford at Eternal Envy - Credit: Archant

David Telford

Runs Eternal Envy in Bridge Street Brow and is also a member of the Portas group.

We have a shop in Heaton Moor and so this was intended as a pop up at first. We looked at a few places but because of the Mary Portas initiative Stockport seemed like it was going places. This is a nice area and the buildings are really interesting and with events such as the teenage market and the summer fringe festival the atmosphere is changing.

In terms of the Portas pilot being successful, I think we are in it for the long haul. The biggest challenge is changing things. For example we need a new additional food offer. There’s the Italian cafe Tiamos but that doesn’t open late. There’s actually help out there for anyone who wants to open a restaurant.

If there is one place you should visit...

Bakers Vaults is a pub during the day and a venue at night and is worth visiting.

Loves: Stockport market place


Helen Palmer

Helen Palmer - Credit: Archant

Helen Palmer

A marketing consultant for Palmer Squared and the Creative Tourist who lives in Heaviley

I grew up in Stockport and my parents still live there but I never thought I’d end up going back. It was graduating in the middle of a recession that changed my mind, although I now find it’s an excellent location. I travel all over the UK for my work and the transport links are excellent. This also means that the centre of Manchester is very accessible too which is essential as because I work in the arts and need to access all that is there in the city. It is great to see what is going on in Stockport at the moment. What is happening in the market area for example is really interesting. It used to be the place to visit when I was growing up and it is fantastic to see it being brought back to life once more.

If there is one place you should visit...

The market place, especially when they have something on, like the vintage market or teenage market.

Loves: Stockport Plaza - go there for afternoon tea. it’s quite an experience.