All you need to know about having a doula during pregnancy

Teignmouth Doula

Teignmouth Doula - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Although doulas are relatively unknown in the Western world, they have been supporting mothers around the world since biblical times. We’ve met Aimee Pagliari, the Teignmouth Doula, to find out more

Teignmouth Doula

Teignmouth Doula - Credit: Archant

If you’ve never heard of a doula before you’re probably not alone.

Outside of the Western world they are often used to support mothers during pregnancy, during the birth and even after the baby has arrived into the world.

Based in the large seaside town and fishing port of Teignmouth, Aimee Pagliari is the Teignmouth Doula, a fully-certified doula who also provides holistic counselling and life coaching services to the people of Devon.

Although doulas won’t be medically trained like a midwife, a doula will be more present in a mother’s life and more frequently available.

Doulas work in the same sort of way as an incredibly supportive partner or family member by ‘just being there to help them through everything,’ says Aimee.

Teignmouth Doula

Teignmouth Doula - Credit: Archant

‘If the mum’s really tired once the baby has come and she needs a nap and the house needs a clean, the doula comes in and does something as simple as washing the dishes, tidying the house or feeding the baby while the mum has a nap.’

Not every mother has that familial support and so the doula can make all the difference.

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The benefits of a doula’s emotional support are obvious but there are many physical benefits you may be surprised by when it comes to delivering the baby.

Aimee, who first trained as a hypnotherapist a decade ago before moving into holistic treatments, says there is a ‘decreased rate of c-sections when you have a doula present and often no need for pain medication or a reduced need for pain medication at the very least when you work through all of the exercises that a doula gives you’.

Such exercises are where there is crossover with Aimee’s work as a counsellor. A typical counselling session can involve a combination of talk therapy, yoga, meditation and hypnotherapy, all things that will be put to good use during the tough moments of a pregnancy.

Aimee’s work as a doula is guided by a holistic approach where there is a focus on ‘mind, body and soul, taking into account every aspect of who you are and what you are made up of, your past, present and future’.

This means every one of the mother’s concerns and needs will be considered during and after pregnancy, ensuring fantastically well-rounded support that can be of huge benefit to the whole family.

There is so much more a doula can do and for more information contact Aimee directly and she will reply to any query within 24 hours.

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