Wilmslow’s Lauren Lovelle set for showbiz stardom

Singer/Songwriter Lauren Lovelle

Singer/Songwriter Lauren Lovelle - Credit: Archant

After celebrating the launch of her debut album, Wilmslow singer/songwriter Lauren Lovelle has her sights set on big things, writes Rebekka O’Grady

Singer/Songwriter Lauren Lovelle

Singer/Songwriter Lauren Lovelle - Credit: Archant

When Lauren Lovelle stood on stage at the Concorde Hangar at Manchester Airport, she couldn’t believe it was all for her. ‘It was like a wedding day,’ the 19-year-old singer-songwriter laughed. ‘We had been planning the album launch since January and then it was suddenly all over. It was such a special event – I had backing singers and session musicians.’

The Wilmslow singer’s debut album, Reality, was launched in spectacular style. Performing ten new tracks for the first time at the event, Lauren, whose sound is a mix of original and eclectic pop, jazz and soul, really got a feel of what it would be like to tour live.

‘It was a fantastic event and it really spurred me on to get planning a UK tour with a band. I’d love nothing more than to be able to sing my songs to a room full of people who have come to specifically see me perform.’

However, singing wasn’t always something Lauren had planned on pursing as a career. The teenager, who says she comes from a musical family, said she can remember performing musicals in the lounge when she was younger – but she never took it seriously.

Lauren Lovelle on stage at her launch party (Image credit: Phil Tragen)

Lauren Lovelle on stage at her launch party (Image credit: Phil Tragen) - Credit: Archant

‘I’ve always been surrounded by music so it was hard not to sing. I just thought it was something I really enjoyed. My dad has always wanted me to sing but I never thought I was good enough.’

It wasn’t until Lauren received studio time as a gift for her 16th birthday from her parents Mary and Alan that she started to consider her talent. ‘We were there to record three cover tracks and the owner of the studio walked in and said I could really sing. I was taken aback to hear something like that from a professional in the industry.’

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From then on, singing took over Lauren’s life. When she entered the Open Mic UK competition in 2014, making it to the regional finals, she was approached by one of the judges who said he saw potential. It was at this point the teenager, who at the time was studying for her A Levels at King’s School in Macclesfield, decided to take the big leap into a full time music career.

‘I started with one of my songs, Strange Drug, to see how it worked out before giving myself the summer to think about it,’ said Lauren, who then began working at Wilmslow clothing store, Fizz.

‘When I decided to go ahead with it, I left Fizz and they were really supportive. I then spent eight months working on the album until it was fully mastered. I’d written so many songs I decided to skip the EP stage and go straight for a debut album. It was such a brilliant experience. You would spend 12 hours a day working in the studio but to then have the chance to listen to it back and hear it all come together is such an amazing feeling.’

Since the launch of her album, (15% of sales will be donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust) Lauren said it’s been hectic. ‘It’s hard work with a lot of late nights and voice rest - definitely different to what normal teenagers do - but it’s important to get right. I sometimes have to make sacrifices, like not going out with friends, but they end up coming to watch me when I play gigs anyway!’

Reality is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play and Spotify. www.laurenlovelle.com