WIN an original watercolour painting of Ingatestone Hall by James Merriott

Watercolour of Ingatestone Hall clock tower

CLOCK TOWER VIEW FROM THE ENTRANCE From the entrance gates the magnificent clock tower welcomes visitors to the Hall. - Credit: James Merriott

The glorious drives I have been treated to twice each week by my family, to attend my exhibition in aid of the NHS at the beautiful Ingatestone Hall, prompted me to complete this feature.  

I certainly never needed much persuasion as the three-mile drive from my home is full of inspiration through outstanding countryside. These lanes are my favourite landscape to wander along. 

The high point is through attractive narrow ways at the tiny hamlet of Padhams Green, with its picturesque cottages and a number of historic black weather-boarded barns that are such a joy to portray.  

More than anything else, I was again inspired to feature the magnificent Ingatestone Hall, where I have been so warmly welcomed throughout the summer. To say the response to my fundraising has been exceptional is a vast understatement. I am quite staggered that, writing this in July, the total for art donations thus far has exceeded £6,600.00. 

In addition, there has been some commissioned work, including a request to paint the beautiful Buttsbury Church, again, such a joy to portray. I must once again finish by thanking my donators for their amazing contributions; this really is thanks to you all. It's by far the best thing I have ever done. 

Inside Ingatestone Hall Essex

VIEW FROM INSIDE The morning sunshine, with the sun moving around in the afternoon to brighten the other side. - Credit: James Merriott

Farm track at Buttsbury Church Essex

FARM TRACK AT BUTTSBURY This beautiful track starts immediately alongside the church. - Credit: James Merriott

Old barn near Ingatestone Essex

OLD BARN AND SIGNPOST For me a perfect composition. The old barn with its sagging roof accompanied by the signpost with the arm indicating ‘Billericay’ missing! - Credit: James Merriott

View near Ingatestone Hall Essex

CHURCH LANE En route to Ingatestone Hall; a much-loved view by artists with the shadow from the foreground tree cast across the narrow lane. - Credit: James Merriott

Buttsbury church Essex

BUTTSBURY CHURCH One of a number of picturesque churches looking towards Ingatestone Hall from the surrounding outstanding countryside. - Credit: James Merriott

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