Women in Business - Julie Dewar, C&C Catering Engineers Limited, Flintshire

Julie Dewar

Julie Dewar - Credit: Archant

Meet a woman who has boldly gone where so few women have gone before - the world of engineering

While gender is hopefully becoming much less of an issue in the modern business environment, it is true to say that in certain industries, women still have major obstacles to overcome in achieving boardroom status.

Julie Dewar is one such businesswoman who has broken through the gender barrier to accomplish extraordinary success in a male-dominated field. From joining C&C Catering Engineers Limited in 2002 as an administrative assistant, she has risen rapidly to become, just a decade later, director of the company.

Becoming a female director of an engineering company is exceptionally rare, but Julie is an example of what can be achieved with tenacity, ambition and good old-fashioned graft. ‘I left school aged 16 to become a hairdresser, got married aged 20 and had the first of my three children by the time I was 21,’ says Julie.

‘In 2002, I was encouraged by a friend to apply for her administration job at Catering Engineers N.W. Limited, as she was moving. I’ve worked hard and moved up through the ranks. The rest as they say, is history.’

Founded in 1998, Flintshire-based C&C Catering Engineers Limited provides a professional emergency repairs and preventative maintenance service for catering equipment and is very much a male-dominated business. With an all-male staff, and currently advertising for more engineers, Julie is hoping to receive interest from female engineers too, and present the same opportunities to women who wish to succeed in the role and dispel the perceptions of engineering that have thus far, seen them under-represented in the field.

C&C Catering Engineers will also be holding an open day for local teenagers later in the year, aimed at inspiring those who wish to explore a career in engineering. Open to boys and girls, Julie hopes there will be equal interest.

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‘We are looking forward to welcoming local youngsters on-site to learn more about engineering.’ she said.

‘We hope to have female interest and redress the current gender imbalance of the discipline, encouraging more young women to consider studying engineering. Overall, we are delighted to be able to share our expertise with potentially, tomorrow’s engineers.’

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