Lauren Simon on being judgemental, the lovely Sir Tom Moore and getting back to work

Marbella brings out the sunshine in me, Lauren says.

Marbella brings out the sunshine in me, Lauren says. - Credit: Archant

Don’t judge, says Real Housewife of Cheshire Lauren Simon, Open your mind and let people be.

Lauren in Marbella, her happy place

Lauren in Marbella, her happy place - Credit: Archant

At last I’ve had some Mediterranean sun on my face - lovely long lunches and sand between my toes has done me wonders - getting the bags under 23 kilos was my biggest travel challenge and with my gorgeous array of face masks I felt as glam as ever on the plane! I am feeling refreshed and raring to get back to Cheshire now and filming again!

One of the discussion topics while I was away was about transgender people and the recent criticism of JK Rowling for her comments about young transgender people. It’s such a complicated subject. I think that unless you have walked in someone’s shoes you have no room to make judgements. In today’s society it’s so difficult to make things equal for all, but every discussion, every public debate, every private conversation moves us towards greater understanding and acceptance, so let’s not stop talking and learning. And why shouldn’t people be whoever they want to be? I do love my time with drag queens swapping makeup tips and Iip-syncing to all my favourite divas!

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Now the summer is over and schools are going back let’s hope the dreaded second wave of Covid-19 doesn’t t hit us. It’s been so lovely walking through Hale and Altrincham and seeing the shops open and people getting out and about again. If we are all sensible and take care to wear our masks and keep a safe distance – and socialise outside rather than inside when we can (and the weather allows) hopefully we can maintain the R-rating the Government is aiming for and we won’t have to return to lockdown. Of course, this is the time when all the Christmas stock starts arriving with retailers large and small. Apparently certain big stores are battling to try and get Captain Sir Tom Moore to be their face of Christmas - he should be everyone’s face of Christmas with his lovely smile and positivity! I loved seeing the photos of him accepting his Knighthood from the Queen; he’s brave and modest and really the sort of old school gentleman we could wish to meet more of today. I am not sure that it’s right for retailers to want to monetise this man. What he did he did for purely generous and altruistic reasons. He had no expectations or hopes above maybe raising £1,000 for charity. Fame may have followed – all of England loves a hero – but it just feels a little wrong that big high street retailers want to then use his fame to increase their Christmas sales. I hope that if he does choose to work with one of the brands that they are really sensitive with the adverts they create – and make a huge donation to the NHS charities he supported!

As I said at the start, I’m now back with the girls filming the new series of Real Housewives of Cheshire. As you are no doubt hoping, I think I can reassure you that there will be lots of fireworks and drama for you all to enjoy!

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