Romancing the home, create the look of love this Valentines Day


Fine food, music and candlelight... what else can you do to create the look of love this Valentine's Day? Alexandra Richards shares her romantic musings

Romancing the home

Fine food, music and candlelight... what else can you do to create the look of love this Valentine’s Day? Alexandra Richards shares her romantic musings

Many argue that one should be romantic all year round and not just on a particular Saint’s day. February 14th may have become a bit of an over-commercialised affair, but I feel that if there is one day to remind us to pay extra attention to our partner or even give us licence to declare our feelings for the secret object of our affections, then a bit of romantic-themed paraphernalia is all very well.

Valentine’s gifts usually veer towards the edible or wearable, but are plenty of tricks to give you home a more romantic atmosphere. A great way to start is to consider all senses: for example, did you know that orange blossom is one of the oldest known aphrodisiacs and has been used since Egyptian times for arousal and uplfting moods? You don’t even have to wait until spring to reap the benefits of this beautiful flower; it is commonly used in many home fragrances, bath oils and scented candles.

When considering aesthetics, softer lighting, whether obtained through candlelight or standard lamps, is more flattering, gentler on the eye and will create a cosy environment for a Valentine’s night in.

If you were thinking of investing in new bedding (and taking advantage of the post-Christmas sales), then when it comes to cotton, the higher the thread count means the softer and more luxurious your bed will feel. Avoid synthetic imitation-silk; although it feels luxurious in the shop, it can be incredibly hot and stuffy – not conducive to the alluring appearance you might be trying to achieve!

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Deep red roses are a Valentine’s Day staple and they will always look striking and decadent – try cutting the stems down to make a posy, this will look far more contemporary and you can put them in a pretty mug or jug if a vase is not ready to-hand. The red rose also symbolises passionate love, which easily turns up the interior romance a notch.

If you are planning a meal for your partner, why not consider an indoor picnic? Less formal than a sit-down meal, sharing a plate of oysters – well, it is Valentine’s Day after all – on a faux fur rug feels decadent, comfortable and lends itself to intimacy. And, if all else fails, there’s always Barry White...

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