12 drone photos that capture the true beauty of Yorkshire

Whitby Harbour

Whitby Harbour - Credit: Archant

This month we feature our first set of images by a photographer caputuring the Yorkshire countryside using a drone

Andrew Jennings

Andrew Jennings - Credit: Archant

Andrew Jennings is a landscape photographer from Bradford. His interest in photography began about six years ago when he bought his first Nikon DSLR which he has used ever since to capture the beauty of the British landscape.

‘I’m not one for sleeping in on the weekends and like nothing more than setting off before dawn to new locations and capturing amazing sunrises,’ says Andrew. ‘The unpredictability of the great British weather means that this is not always possible and sometimes I have to make the best out of what nature offers me.

‘It was about a year ago when I first saw a DJI drone flying over the Rhine in Cologne. I got chatting to the guy who was operating it and found out that he was using it to take aerial photos of the city.

‘From that moment I knew I had to have one. For the past year I’ve been using a drone to shoot aerial images around the UK and especially in Yorkshire as there are so many fabulous locations to take pictures.

‘Being able to view a scene from a bird’s eye view gives me the opportunity to create different images in a way few have done before. It sometimes can be a little nerve-wracking sending the drone out hovering over the North Sea to take a picture of Whitby Harbour for example. But knowing I’m going to come away with a unique photograph makes the worry all worth while.’ w

To find out more about Andrew’s work email ajennings11280@yahoo.com Follow him on Twitter @AJennings1980 or see his work on Flickr AJennings80