12 photos that capture the true beauty of Downham

A quiet Corner of Downham by Karol Gajewski

A quiet Corner of Downham by Karol Gajewski - Credit: Archant

Is Downham the prettiest village in the UK?

We’ve dedicated dozens of column inches to Downham over the years, it’s safe to say it’s one of our favourite places not just in the Ribble Valley but in the county as a whole.

But why is this village so popular with everyone? First of all, there’s the natural beauty. It lies in the shadow of the iconic Pendle Hill, there are views of the famous landmark from every part of Downham and it had become a convenient starting point to walking in the area.

Secondly, it’s the village itself, it is well known as the village where you’ll never find road signs, satellite dishes, overhead wires or those dreaded double yellow lines. So much so that it has become a popular location for film crews looking for period locations. You can also visit Downham Hall and its extensive gardens, as well as the Grade II listed St Leonard’s Church.

Downham has become a place to escape modern life in a pretty British village location, the local pub, the Assheton Arms is an awarding winning dining location and it also has luxury accommodation for those looking to stay a few days.

Whether you’re spending a few hour or a few days there, you will find plenty of opportunities to capture a picture postcard scene.

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