A mini-guide to staying in Ulverston.

Ulverston Memorial at Market Street/King Street junction

Ulverston Memorial at Market Street/King Street junction - Credit: Archant

Ulverston is a part of The Countrywide Great Tour route this summer. This market town is famous for a former son from the small screen

The Countrywide Great Tour begins on 4 July 2015 and takes place over 64 days visiting various coastal locations across the UK. 

Cyclists will begin to arrive in Ulverston on the afternoon of 7th July after a ride up the coast from Blackpool.

Ulverston has a rich heritage dating back to AD 430, when the Saxons arrived in Ulverston at the beginning of the ‘Dark Ages’. King Edward I granted Ulverston the Market Charter in 1280, establishing it the market town. we see today.

Its claim to fame is being the birthplace of Stan Laurel, one half of one of the world’s most famous comedy duos in the 20th century, Many tourists from across the world stop to take a selfie of the statue depicting double act. Other landmarks include the Hoad Monument (a replica of the Eddystone Lighthouse) and the mile-long canal.

The former Lancashire town is also home to some exciting festivals including: Furness Folk Festival, Open Gardens Weekend, Lantern Festival and many more.


The Laurel & Hardy Museum

Take a look at letters, photographs and other personal items from the famous double act.

01229 582292 www.laurel-and-hardy.co.uk

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Gillam’s Tearoom

Located among some of Ulverston’s fantastic independent shops, Gillam’s Tearoom, caters for vegans and vegetarians. Offering a variety of organic teas and cakes all sourced locally,

01229 587564 gillams-tearoom.co.uk



Lonsdale House Hotel

This townhouse hotel is popular with tourists due to its close proximity to shops and local eateries.

01229 582598 www.lonsdalehousehotel.co.uk


Do you want to take part in the Great tour? To enter, head over to the Countrywide Great Tour website.