Andrea Jane Smith on the art of baby photography

Twins Theo and Oscar

Twins Theo and Oscar - Credit: Archant

Andrea Smith is a photographer extraordinaire, and is gathering a considerable fan base in Cheshire for her incredible photographs of newborns and babies; heirlooms in the making


Annabel - Credit: Archant

You remember how it is, when your first child is born you are rarely without a camera in your hand, snapping every moment of their young lives. Rarely however do you manage to capture them in all their exquisite, ethereal newborn beauty and then whoosh, it’s gone and your child is racing off to a new stage in their development.

So how do you freeze-frame those first, exquisite moments in a style that you’ll be proud to show for decades to come? A call to Andrea Jane Smith Photography would be a very good place to start!

Andrea Jane

Andrea Jane - Credit: Archant

Andrea has had a camera in her hand almost as long as she can remember and a career in the field was rather a foregone conclusion, though her decision to specialise in children’s photography came only recently.

Andrea explains: “It is said that photography is the medium for catching a split second in time, and while this may be true for photojournalism it’s not the case for most of us working in studios or on specific briefs. With children though this is precisely the feel I get and I love that.

“Babies change almost by the second. I always have the feeling that every image is a precious moment, frozen forever, so it needs to be something completely beautiful that the parents, and later the child him- or herself, will treasure forever.

“My ethos is to keep it natural. I’ve always felt there’s something very wrong about attempting to over-pose a baby; If it’s not natural, I don’t do it. Not just for safety reasons but it looks staged and uncomfortable on the eye”

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“A few years ago the trend was all for white backgrounds and vibrant colours, but now people are seeking a more relaxed, timeless look that won’t date.

“The arrival of Prince George and the style adopted by his mother when dressing him, from tiny baby to now, has been a very classic, traditional one, with clothes that don’t really date or tie him to any specific era.

“The ‘George look’ seems to have really hit a nerve with parents in Cheshire, who also want to freeze-frame their babies’ earliest moments in time and so don’t want clothing or accessories that will impact upon that.”

Andrea own approach to creating very natural images has blended perfectly with the zeitgeist and to support customers’ wishes she has even created a ‘dressing up box’ of classic clothes, shoes and props that, should they wish, parents can delve into.

“We have dungarees, t-bar shoes, knitted cardigans, soft wool blankets; lots of things that can be used to help deliver the final image parents want.

“I very much go with the flow on these shoots. With babies of course that’s a given, but the parents too may have seen an image elsewhere that they love, or will spot something here they want to include. I will always do a real mix of shots so that parents, who are investing time, emotions and money, are guaranteed to get exactly what they are hoping for – even if they are not sure what that is when we begin!”