Artist of the Month - Gwen Shackleton

Across the Pennines - Gwen Shackleton

Across the Pennines - Gwen Shackleton - Credit: Archant

Gwen Shackleton spent years abroad but the drama of the Lancashire landscape drew her home, writes Barbara Waite

Teaching art has been Gwen Shackleton’s life-long occupation and it’s taught her a valuable lesson: art isn’t a hobby, or an obsession, it’s her life.

Seven years of art school education gave her a solid foundation in technical and historical art appreciation. And from this she became an educator in High Schools in England before she moved to Belgium and finally settling in Indonesia.

But being a Lancashire lass at heart, retirement gave her the chance to move back home to Clitheroe and a base at the Ribble Valley Art Studios where she’s fired by the imagery and moods of the landscape.

Early training in fine art and printmaking has led to an exploration of a wide variety of media and techniques, from batik to photography, printmaking to collage. There’s no doubt living in the Far East has influenced her colourful evocations of the county.

This piece, Across the Pennines, is an acrylic painted on canvas and now owned by a Lancastrian living in Indonesia who loves to think back to her colourful youth.

‘Sentimentality drives my work,’ said Gwen. ‘I’m driven to record and recognise special places, people and times. No matter what medium I elect to use I have always enjoyed an experimental approach, pushing myself consistently into unfamiliar territory.’

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Her ideas might have simple beginnings but Gwen pushes them from the seemingly obvious to reflect her ever increasing fascination with the power and potential of colour combined with strong memories.

She has limited edition prints of some of works as well as greetings and postcards see her website address for details. Original artworks vary in price from £80 currently up to £750 - call 07702 278819 or email