Artist of the Month - Janet Kenyon

Northern Lights, Blackpool - Janet Kenyon

Northern Lights, Blackpool - Janet Kenyon - Credit: Archant

Childhood visits to the Blackpool illuminations inspired artist Janet Kenyon

Janet Kenyon

Janet Kenyon - Credit: Archant

Blackpool’s Illuminations shine a bright light in the memories of many people capturing the spirit of good times at the coast.

Artist Janet Kenyon is no exception. For her it was one of the highlights of autumn to be taken there on an annual break. ‘The weather, more often than not, was wet but our spirits were never dampened as Blackpool’s unique atmosphere was never a disappointment even in the rain,’ she said.

With that in mind, she set out to capture Blackpool’s special luminous quality of the reflections in the puddles and the rain soaked roadside and the vibrancy of the lights.

‘The method I’ve used in my painting The Golden Mile is accomplished with an unusual technique of building up and masking off the layers of paint and, as watercolour is not the easiest of mediums, there’s a lot of trial and error which makes it all the more rewarding when it does work out.’

Bolton-born Janet studied at the town’s College of Art & Design and then gained a BA in graphic design at Leeds Polytechnic and has had some notable success winning the prestigious Sunday Times/Smith & Williamson Cityscape Prize in 2009 with another painting of Blackpool.

This year two more of her works Skylight, Manhattan and Sunset over Manhattan were selected for the same competition and exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London.

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Now living in Carlisle, she mainly sells her work from her website and at art fairs. ‘I’m very lucky to be able to make a living from something I love to do and where I get to meet and interact with the art loving public direct,’ she said.

Prices for her work start at about £500 up to about £2,500 for larger more complex works.