Artist profile - Izzy Hodge, Pateley Bridge

The Owl

The Owl - Credit: Archant

Meet a young artist and illustrator who loves to tell a story

Artist Izzy Hodge in the studio

Artist Izzy Hodge in the studio - Credit: Archant

Izzy Hodge is not typical of the artists we showcase in The Gallery but she is someone who definitely deserves our attention. She is an artist, illustrator and storyteller who lives in her hometown of Pateley Bridge in North Yorkshire.

She is working alongside another bestselling Yorkshire illustrator and artist Alister Colley preparing to publish a collection of her latest work Tremendous Tails of Travellers Trails while also developing various other projects and growing her portfolio.

Izzy writes stories and poetry as well as creates extraordinary pictures to illustrate them which are inspired often by the rolling countryside surrounding Pateley Bridge and the animals she might encounter.

Izzy, 24, who graduated from Northumbria University in 2013 with a first class honours degree in graphic design specialising in illustration, is also taking a masters degree. She says her style is always developing. ‘I think it always will, I don’t expect it will ever stop changing.

‘My work is influenced by so many things. I am told my style is very British Edwardian and I like that.’ Living in Pateley Bridge inspires her work but not in the usual way, says Izzy. ‘I am inspired by where I live but not in the sense of just its rolling hills. Everything about Pateley Bridge inspires me. It’s a very inspirational place to be.’

There’s inspiration too in music. Izzy plays the piano, sings ‘and I like to think I can play the guitar. I am hugely influenced by all aspects of music not only playing but all aspects of live music, festivals and writing and recording.’ Dress making, fashion and costume in general interests her and it’s not unusual to find her tootling around the Yorkshire countryside on a Gazelle bicycle. She also enjoys running and high impact fitness classes and has taken part in the occasional cross country event. w

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