Best selling author Chris Bradford visits Steyning Grammar School

Jessica Brown with Chris Bradford

Jessica Brown with Chris Bradford - Credit: Archant

Steyning Grammar School hosted a highly entertaining visit from best-selling author Chris Bradford on Tuesday 28 April.

Willow Knight, Jack Scoffham, Niamh Halloren, Flo Robinson and Riley Bridgewater with Chris Bradford

Willow Knight, Jack Scoffham, Niamh Halloren, Flo Robinson and Riley Bridgewater with Chris Bradford - Credit: Archant

The school was incredibly honoured to be the first stop on his latest promotional tour and students were able to purchase advance copies of the new book, which is being released on 7 May.

The writer wowed his audience of Year 8 Students at the school’s Church St site, with an energetic presentation, promoting the imminent release of Ambush; the third book in his BODYGUARD Trilogy.

Miss Rahaman, the Literacy Leader at Steyning Grammar School beams: “The whole experience was amazing. If we can immerse the students in the fictional world to enthuse their own writing abilities and ideas then we have won half the battle. Chris Bradford was very entertaining, engaging and an inspiration to all.”

For his best selling fiction books, Chris employs a technique he calls “method writing”, fully immersing himself in the subjects he writes about. For the BODYGUARD series, he embarked on an intensive course to become a qualified bodyguard and was able to share many of the secrets and skills he learned with his captivated audience, with willing volunteers participating in various ‘ inter-active reading’ scenarios, including how to spot danger in a crowd, protecting a VIP and testing students’ self defence and reaction skills.

Chris Bradford says: “I write the type of books I’d want to read - books filled with relentless action, believable characters and a plot that twists and turn through the pages!”

Donna Moore, Librarian at the school said: “The beauty of Chris’ presentation and his books is that they unusually appeal to both boys and girls, and this was vividly demonstrated during his ‘training session’ and afterwards from the reactions students gave to me in the library at break time. An author who can bring his work alive to students helps us here at the school to further the enjoyment and importance of reading for pleasure!”

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The author of 15 fiction books, including the Young Samurai and BODYGUARD series, Chris Bradford has been published in more than 20 languages and nominated for over 30 book awards, including winner of the Northern Ireland Book Awards 2011 and the Brilliant Book Award 2014. He has also written non-fiction books on songwriting and the music business, notably the critically acclaimed Heart & Soul: Revealing the Craft of Songwriting.