Bleisure - the growing trend of mixing business and leisure

Stay on in Sydney

Stay on in Sydney - Credit: Archant

Do you travel for business? Want to add on some leisure? It’s more than possible, says Kirsty Nicholson, in fact, it’s a growing trend

Work from anywhere

Work from anywhere - Credit: Archant

Bleisure… there’s a portmanteau word to pull a face at, if I ever I saw one. It does the job though, adding leisure to business, which is exactly what Kirsty Nicholson, manager at Cresta Business Travel in Altrincham, is seeing as a growing trend these days.

‘I’d say we have seen a significant interest in extending trips for about the last five years, particularly among the age range known as the ‘millennials’, who quite rightly are endeavouring to find a better work-life balance,’ Kirsty says. ‘If you’re travelling to Berlin for a meeting, why not extend your stay, bring out your partner and make something more of it? It gives you something to look forward to, makes the stress of business travel more bearable and if you build in a bit of time it means you have a better understanding of the city and culture that you are in, which is possibly also good for business relationships there.

‘I think in the past we British have seen the idea of this as a bit ‘cheeky’, but now, when people can work from anywhere, 24-7, then the concept isn’t so out there.’

Kirsty isn’t imagining the increase in Bleisure travel. Research has shown that business travel is thriving, the marketplace exceeded forecasts by growing by 3.1% in 2017, with 2018 looking even better, with an increase in spending that is expected to rise by 3.4%.

But how does Bleisure travel actually work, logistically?

‘As an independent operator we’re in the perfect position to make it all work seamlessly for our business clients,’ says Kirsty. ‘We work with the company to handle all their employee travel, offering them unbeatable fares and rates and making sure we understand their billing requirements, they get a perfectly transparent breakdown of their costs, showing exactly what they are paying for - and the traveller can add additional flights or hotel rooms to the booking and pay for these themselves. There’s no confusion and we handle everything here, in-house. Our back office team is amazing; we know how to make it all work so that the Procurement Officer is happy!

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‘I am the business travel specialist, so I look after all the logistics and provide support and guidance to the company on all these aspects, and then we have a very experienced leisure team here of course, so I pass the rest over to them. It means that both the company and the traveller get a premium service with no complications. Our concierge team can offer advice or make arrangements for places to stay, dine and experience. We help the company and the business traveller take a 360 degree view of the whole experience; if you’re travelling to Moscow, or Madrid, or Maryland then it’s really rather a shame not to expand your personal horizons too, isn’t it?’

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