Chertsey artist Sharon Withers and No Naked Walls

Poppy Meadow by Sharon Withers

Poppy Meadow by Sharon Withers - Credit: Archant

Known for her large, abstract landscapes, Sharon Withers graduated from The Slade School of Fine Art in 1999.

Across the fields by Sharon Withers

Across the fields by Sharon Withers - Credit: Archant

Whilst there, she was encouraged to experiment by Turner Prize winner Jenny Saville and, inspired by the energy of Jackson Pollock’s work, she developed a style of painting in which she conjures up a startling dynamism in her compositions.

“I like to create work that is large and impactful and my landscape paintings reflect the energy found in nature,” says Sharon. “My thought process is based on the shapes and textures found in the natural world and their symbolic meanings.”

Her work is popular worldwide and, locally, she recently opened her second No Naked Walls gallery in Bramley (the first can be found in Chertsey).

“I am passionate about creating my own work but I also love to showcase work by other artists who inspire me,” she says. “There is such a diversity of talent out there, which I love to share in the galleries.”

Sharon’s work is often inspired by dance. “I have always loved dancing,” she says. “In a creative sense, painting and dancing go hand in hand for me.”


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