Cheshire Life Reader Photos - December 2012

Become one of the scores of brilliant photographers all over Cheshire who share their images online

Winter is a great time for amateur photographers to practice their art – whether it’s dramatic shots of the stormy seas or the tranquillity of a chilly morning, the season gives plenty of opportunities for great photographs.

Our annual competition, as ever, showed just how much talent there is among the county’s camera fans, with hundreds of stunning pictures competing for the prizes. The winners were announced last month and you can enjoy more of the shortlisted photographs in the free calendar with this issue.

Many of the brilliant pictures our judges argued over were taken in winter and with a greater selection of high quality cameras available now, more than ever before, there’s no excuse for not having one with you wherever you go. And if you don’t have one, of course, Christmas is just around the corner, so start dropping hints now

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