Closely Observed Nature exhibition



An award-winning botanical illustration, a whole year's tracking of the moon in north Cornwall, leaves growing and in decay in the hedgescape, geraniums, hares, deer, swallows, sea bass, seed heads and dozens of other closely absorbed organisms - are all the subject of a new exhibition in two venues in east Cornwall.

"Closely Observed Nature" brings together artists and illustrators who draw their inspiration from looking at the wild and gardened world around them in all sorts of detail. On show at a Terre Verte gallery in Altarnun and Hall gallery, Sterts, at Upton Cross, this shows features sculpture, paintings and prints of incredible detail alongside work that you can feel rustled by the breeze, sense the drop of a single leaf.

The exhibition runs from Saturday 16 April to Saturday 21 May and is open Tuesdays to Saturdays 10 until 5 at Terre Verte, 10 until 4 at Sterts.