The Leach Pottery in St Ives' latest exhibition is production potter Kat Wheeler


Production potter Kat Wheeler exhibits a new collection of works made during her 2015 PhD research and development trip to Mashiko, Japan, where Bernard Leach’s friend and colleague Shoji Hamada established his pottery, and ultimately one of the key centres of activity for the Mingei movement, in 1930.

Wheeler is only the third Leach potter to be sent to work and study in Japan as part of the ongoing relationship between of St Ives and the pottery town of Mashiko. During her ten-week stay, Wheeler spent time developing her own practice, working in response to her research on local Japanese processes, glazes and firings. Sadly much of the work was broken during shipping so ahead of the exhibition, Wheeler worked with an Oxford-based specialist in the Kintsugi technique, a traditional Japanese method of repairing broken ceramics using lacquer and gold leaf. With pots restored using the Kintsugi method on display, Leach Pottery will also be organising a series of on-site Kintsugi workshops to accompany the exhibition.

Where to see It: 23 October – 23 November Higher Stennack, St Ives TR262HE