The latest ARTISTS ROOMS comes to The Exchange in Cornwall showing the work of acclaimed American artist, Robert Therrien

The ARTIST ROOMS programme is the most exciting project of contemporary art for many years. And now it comes to The Exchange which will be showing he work of American artist, Robert Therrien.

Born in 1947, Therrien lives and works in Los Angeles and has had major exhibitions throughout the world. His work examines the viewer’s relationship to scale. Often alluding to modest household items, such as a stack of oversized plates or a 2.5m high oil can, Therrien’s works explore the space between reality and the world of dreams, drawing the viewer into the realm of fables and fairytales, childhood games and unfinished narratives. The immediacy, accessibility and playful relationship with childhood in Therrien’s work offer huge potential for us to build upon our track record for engaging young people with contemporary art.

As well as the exhibition of key pieces by Therrien, there will be a full programme of associated events and activities.

Where to see it: Artist Rooms: Robert Therrien 11 July – 26 September at The Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance TR18 2NL