See the cute Capybaras that have fallen in love before Valentine's Day

Drusilla Park's Clementine and Gus are in love

Drusilla Park's Clementine and Gus are in love - Credit: Drusillas Park

Forget Lady and the Tramp – we’re obsessed with these Capybaras, who have fallen in love at Drusillas Park…

The coming together of the ‘capy’ couple – Clementine and Augustus – is cause for celebration, as it marks the end of several years of searching for Mr Right for Clementine, who keepers were worried would never find love.

A strong lady who refused to settle for just anyone, Clementine had rejected many potential suitors over the years, and keepers at Drusillas Zoo in Alfriston, Sussex had almost given up hope of finding her a mate.

Augustus inspecting the dinner table at Drusillas Park

Augustus inspecting the dinner table at Drusillas Park - Credit: Drusillas Park

Young stud Augustus arrived at the Zoo at the end of last year. Luckily Augustus was not put off by Clementine’s standard dismissiveness, and spent a couple of weeks schmoozing her after slow introductions by the keepers. They were delighted when Clementine finally fell for Augustus, and the couple are now settled in together at the Zoo

To celebrate, the Keepers treated them to a sweetly decorated dinner table, filled with platter of raw veggies (forget spaghetti!). Yes, it couldn’t get any cuter.

And if it couldn’t get any more romantic, the pair have even been displaying some mating behaviours recently – so keepers are hoping to hear the pitter patter of tiny hooves very soon.

The cute capybaras couple got cosy over dinner

The cute capybaras couple got cosy over dinner - Credit: Drusillas Park

Head Keeper, Gemma Romanis, says: ‘Clementine has been here a long time, and is a firm favourite among the team and visitors because she is so people-orientated. She’s very affectionate and loving with us, but in contrast, has been very dismissive and unwelcoming towards other capybaras we’ve tried to introduce over the years.’

‘She’s therefore been on her own for quite some time, which started to become frustrating because we knew she would be happier with a companion,’ Gemma continues. ‘She is of course still convinced she’s the dominant one in her new relationship, but we’ve observed that Augustus seems to have the final say – so she must be head over heels for her new beau!’

Visit the cute couple at Drusillas Park, which is open daily from 10am.