How to make decorative plaster flowers for your home

Decorative plaster flowers

Decorative plaster flowers - Credit: Dee Ballard

Our resident crafter Dee Park shows you how to make decorative plaster flowers

Plaster flowers, step one

Plaster flowers, step one - Credit: Dee Ballard

These plaster flowers look like they require a lot of work but are surprisingly simple to make. They require no skill, just plaster of Paris, water and any artificial flowers.

I discovered this technique when remodelling an old mirror into a romantic Rococo style. Since then I have created table decorations, tea light holders, candelabras, napkin holders and decorate picture frames. Plaster dipping maybe straightforward but you do need to be quick as the plaster takes about five minutes to set.

I find it best to make small frequent batches.

Plaster flowers, step two

Plaster flowers, step two - Credit: Dee Ballard

Step one

Prepare your work station with the equipment and protect delicate surfaces from drips. You will need: Artificial flowers, plaster of Paris, water, two identical small containers (I used bottle caps), disposable bowls, wooden lolly sticks, wipeable durable surface such as a tray or glass cutting board for drying the items on.

Mix two parts powder to one part water. It should be a thin batter consistency; you may need to add a further small amount of water.

Plaster flowers, step three

Plaster flowers, step three - Credit: Dee Ballard

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Step two

Dip the flowers ensuring they are fully immersed and then place on your board. Open and arrange the petals how you want them to set. If the rest of the mixture has started setting, dispose of it and create fresh. The aim here is to avoid a thick gloopy mixture with lumps which will impair the casting and won’t achieve a fine set.

TIP: If you want to use them as a tea light holder, make sure the petals are sufficiently open and the flowers rest flat.

Plaster flowers, step four

Plaster flowers, step four - Credit: Dee Ballard

Step three

Once the dipped flowers have set for half an hour, you’re ready to repeat the process for their second coating.

Once this is done, allow to dry completely overnight.

Step four

When your flowers are dry then the fun begins! Decorate them with glitter, gold leaf or paint.

You could then hot glue them onto a mirror or other decorative feature.

Crafty Dee

Dee turned her back on a successful career in accountancy to marry a Lancashire dairy farmer – she now lives in a farmhouse at Ellel near Lancaster where she has thrown herself in to rural life. A lifelong crafter, she now runs workshops and demonstrations, showing others how to make crafts for the home, many of them using only natural materials.

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