Didsbury born Sophie Hannah at the Manchester Literature Festival

Sophie Hannah is the Didsbury born poet and thriller writer whose books are now being filmed for TV. She lives in Cambridge but regularly returns to the city to visit her family and she will be appearing at the Manchester Literature Festival

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend?Spending lots of time swimming because I'm a fanatical swimmer. My perfect weekend would be at a house with a swimming pool, eating lots of nice food and drinking lots of nice wine and getting lots of sleep because since having children aged six and seven I don't get enough. Do you cook or are you cooked for?We eat out. Where I live there are lots of great restaurants and they are actually closer to the room I am at the moment than the kitchen is. Occasionally I might cook. Favourite restaurant and who is most likely to be your dining companion? My favourite restaurant in Manchester is the Sangam, there's now one in Didsbury and one in Rusholme and it's  an absolutely brilliant Indian restaurant and because I'd be in Manchester I'd go with my family and my mum and dad who live in Didsbury.Putting reality aside, it's that old chestnut about which five famous people - living or dead - you'd most enjoy the company of at your dinner party?Agatha Christie, the American poet Edna St Vincent Millais, Alfred Hitchcock, shame he's not alive now as I'd love him to be the person to do a film of my new book A Room Swept White, Ekhart Tolle the author of The Power of Now and probably Ruth Rendell.What’s your favourite holiday destination?At the moment it would be a villa in Rochegude in Provence. I went there recently and it was so amazing I booked it again immediately I got home. Whose talent would you like to steal and why?I'd really like to be a painter so I'd say David Hockney. I am really into art; I'm an art collector and buy art all the time. I've tried to paint but I am not terribly good.Your favourite song?Idiot Wind by Bob Dylan.

What was the last book you really enjoyed reading?Oooh. It would be Geoff Dyer, anything of his but I especially enjoyed his book about DH Lawrence, Out of Sheer Rage.Who do you regard as a modern day hero?I'd say Ekhart Tolle again. He's just so brilliant and shows you a different way of looking at life. What are you most looking forward to this particular weekend? My sister and her husband with their baby are coming to stay and that will be so nice.Manchester Literature Festival: 0843 208 0500 www.literaturefestival.co.uk

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