Erotic fiction based in Cheshire? Author Mollie Blake reveals all

Erotic fiction based in Cheshire

Erotic fiction based in Cheshire - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The residents of Cheshire may feel a little differently about some of their local haunts after reading the work of erotic novelist Mollie Blake as Janet Reeder discovers

Author, Millie Blake, at Cottons Hotel, Knutsford

Author, Millie Blake, at Cottons Hotel, Knutsford - Credit: Archant

For Mollie Blake every day is an opportunity for action between the sheets with a romantic hero.

The sheets however are of the paper kind, as Holmes Chapel-based Mollie is a writer of steamy erotic fiction.

Mollie was a high flier who came down to earth when she unexpectedly found she was pregnant in her 40s and ended up swapping the boardroom for the nursery.

‘It was a huge shock, took a bit of adjusting and I’m telling everybody “I’ll return, don’t worry I’ll read my email,” ‘ says the former Financial Director.

Author, Millie Blake, at Cottons Hotel, Knutsford

Author, Millie Blake, at Cottons Hotel, Knutsford - Credit: Archant

But when I went back I really didn’t want to leave my little boy. So I was lucky in that as a board we decided we’d sell the company. It was like a management buyout but I was a leaver. ‘

The upside was that more time at home gave her the opportunity to catch up on her reading and by chance she stumbled upon Fifty Shades of Grey.

‘I read it before all the hype and I loved it,’ she tells me over coffee in Corks Out, Knutsford wine bar.

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‘ I loved the mix of romance and eroticism, even though the plot started to run out of steam by the third book but I went on to I read a lot more erotic fiction after that and it’s just been a lot of fun.’

Before reading 50 Shades of Grey Mollie had been toying with the idea of writing a children’s book but she became inspired like never before, it transpires, in more ways than one...

‘ I was turning 50 and didn’t really want to be 50 but it rekindled my relationship with my husband, Alan. We had met in our late 20s early 30s and suddenly I was enjoying a better sex life,’ she reveals.

‘That’s over three years ago now and I’ve not looked back.’

At first she self- published her work because she just ‘didn’t want to leave it in a drawer’ but last summer decided to send her second book to a UK and American publisher and in September stateside Black Opal Books got in touch.

‘They emailed to say they loved my style of writing, they loved the story and they wanted to offer me a contract,’ says Mollie.

‘And they plan to publish it this year. It’s called The Secret at Arnford Hall and Arnford is this imaginary village that I’ve created near Knutsford.

‘ I refer to places in Knutsford and the main character’s sister stays temporarily at The Cottons Hotel. There’s no raunchiness there but there is some raunchiness in The Wizard’s Thatch at Alderley Edge.

‘Part of the story is that he’s almost blackmailing a schoolteacher to do his bidding for a year and I set out with the intention of creating somebody you didn’t like but began to understand how he was like he was, forgive him and fall in love with him.’

Cheshire locations also figure in the first book which is set around Nantwich and Crewe.

‘ I Googled a mansion at a small village near Crewe and I made that the hero’s house. He calls it The Sway ,’ says Mollie.

‘The character is a former male prostitute who is under the control of a sadist madam and then he breaks away from that and lives as a recluse and is celibate for three years until he meets this girl and things change.’

‘I like to have a good plot that hooks you in. This is the danger element and in his case his best friend was murdered by a cruel pimp and he set out to prove that he did it.’

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